Good morning! The readings today are filled with the word “Today.” Especially critical are Moses and Jesus exhorting that “Today” is the time… Today, listen to God who gives decrees… (When we were little did we think God was the Great Rule Giver”?) Honor, Give thanks, Give praise… Do good things. Well… Moses writes: “Hearken to the Lord … and you will be a people sacred to the Lord.” (Deut 26:16). Jesus says, “Love those” … who seem unworthy to me… Love as God does. Be holy. Oh dear. I am guilty of seeing for example the convention taking place in Orlando Florida, CPAC. I listened to a few speakers and I immediately felt abhorence at the jokes about things that happened like Texas freezing with water ruining homes, the election fraud, and other things. What we should be focusing on is healing the nation, vaccinations and feeding the hungry. Focus! …. and so I fume. Oh dear. What does Jesus say? “Be salt and light. Pray for those who persecute and hurt. Have great love. Do good. Be like the sun and shine out.” If I focus on those I resent for their words and behavior then I am not focusing on what Jesus said (see Matthew 5). I will be filled instead with anger. A priest once said this to me, “Pray for those you don’t like. Pray for those you have “feelings” against. Then you will be filled with prayer.” Then I will be filled with blessings! Take the action of love. Shine out and warm souls… Keep praying and ignore the naughty thoughts within. Ignore the reaction and the anger. Keep Praying. The essence of holiness is loving God. Think about God and his blessings pouring out on us.

Today I will enter the ranks of the vaccinated. I’m a little concerned about a 4pm appointment. Will the vaccine be spoiled if it’s left out until 4pm? Will there be great crowds.? Will the shot giver be exhausted? See how my brain goes to the negative? Oh dear. Surround me with angels dear Lord. Let us go smiling into the breach. Of course they can’t see me smiling as I will have a mask on. Oh well, I’ll wear a smart red Caribbean shirt. God bless us!!! Angels with us. Pray for Peace.

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