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Morning on the lake

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

I opened the windows and it is cool outside. We have at least 4 Purple Martin families in our house that would house 12 families, 3 across the top on my side and at least one on the top on Kathie’s side. They chirp and twitter early in the morning and then they go out to fly around all day. They come all the way from Brazil to have babies in our Martin house! They are very happy birds. We see an increase in dragon flies which the martins feast on. Nature is amazing! We only see this phenomena of dragon flies/martins in the early spring. I am sure everyone has their nesting birds, just need to open the windows, listen and enjoy!!! Today, Saturday, is calm, cool and bright blue sky. All is well. I seem to be improving cough and cold wise, now if I could stop “worrying” about the cardiology part of this!!!” I know I am in God’s hands. Mom said, “When I die, the Blessed Mother will meet me, give me a big hug, and take me to Jesus.” A beautiful hope and I hope that happened for it is a grand and beautiful hope. God bless us. Have a wonderful weekend! Go to church! Love, Susie.

Recovery on the Lake

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

After 11 hours of sleep, I sit in my easy chair and I check for Martins in the Martin house; I look out over the lake at palm trees; Chuck brings me coffee in a little cup and saucer that says “pray,” and daily Mass will come on EWTN at 8am. All is well for healing. Yesterday I got two appointments with cardiologist on Monday morning (I was on waitlist and there was a cancellation!) and a pulmonologist on Tuesday so I will be well handled by good doctors whom I have seen before. Now all I have to do is unpack suitcases and put clothes away, go through the mail I kept … try to file a claim for doctor’s visits on ship (about $800 but we had trip insurance), and little things to do to get back into shape here in Miami. Good news! The big house on Big Pine Key closed before we left on the trip and we deposited the closing check yesterday so we have one house left (Aunt Trudy’s house) with wonderful renters. They really love it there, and indeed the Keys are beautiful. Have a wonderful day and please pray for our sick friends George, Miriam and Laura surgery. Peace and healing. God bless us.

Sicky Home on the lake!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Boy oh boy dear readers! Chuck is my hero. I left the hospital for hotel room in Kingman Az on March 18. Stayed in hotel one day, I think and left Kingman March 20. Home yesterday March 26. Dined on chicken and my left over penne with broccoli and garlic. YUM. Today the bones will simmer for chicken soup. We watched on demand TV (Madam Secretary and God Friended Me) and I was out cold in my little bed by 930!!! That’s my life for a little while. Watching Martins in the martin house, looking out at the lake, oh and sitting by the lake later today. I called both cardiologist (for the aortic aneurism) and the pulmonologist (for the pneumonia that seems to have settled in upper chest and head)… am waiting for call backs for appointments. I will take care of self. promise!!!! Remember Dorothy! There’s no place like home! God bless us dear gentle readers. Thank you for prayers. I now send my angels on to George my first brother in law, and to Miriam friend at St Timothy who had a heart attack and by pass, resting at home, and to cousin Laura who will have shoulder repair. My goodness busy angels. Thank God!

Last night on the road.

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Monday morning we left Montgomery a little earlier than normal (the turtles moved quickly) due to weather (hail storm) coming in… Ray Charles crooned “Georgia on my mind” as we headed out south and I said, “Georgia, we are blowing past you with Florida on my mind!” Dean Martin took over and I remember what a voice he had as he sang in Italian, “That’s amore,” and I made a grocery list to Dean Martin crooning “Hurry Home” “chicken, milk, mushrooms, sweet potatoes,” that’s amore… With all the coughing and congestion, I haven’t lost my appetirte. Before I went into the hospital I absolutely wasn’t hungry so I have a feeling that all the antibiotics kicked in lately … So now, “come on body and fight the bug whatever it is!” I rejoice at the sight of rows of pine trees and farms offering fresh produce from stands along route 231 south. The lady in the gas station sneezed and advised, “we have no spring flowers, but we have pollin!” “Quick Chuck, head south, let’s go south!” 1138am we cross into Florida! I sing and dance and drink Florida orange juice at the Welcome Center. We added the rental car to the Sunpass and headed off towards I-10. We found a lovely hotel in Ocala on I-75; this shortens the ride tomorrow and we hope to get home ahead of rush hour traffic. I sunk onto the bed a huddled mass of sleepy, runny nose, coughing and I said to Chuck, “I would like a cold beer.” He said, “let’s go,”…. I spritzed my nose with nasal spray from the Kingman hospital, and put on shoes and we enjoyed a beautiful Italian meal with chianti! I think I feel better. Wow! Let’s hope I’m really getting better. My dears. Keep praying for us one more day as we travel the Florida turnpike to home. God bless you!

Two days from home. We know the way!

Sunday, March 24th, 2019

We left Forrest City at 940am. Forrest City is a nice little stop before you enter the populated Memphis… Has an Old Sawmill restaurant and a Cajun restaurant right near the Quality Inn. Chuck foraged soups, chicken, sweet potato, fried oysters… and we dined in our room. It was fun to picnic. Today, Sunday dawned sunny. I was tired and wanted to lag, but home is close… I’m coughing not as deeply and hurtfully as 10 days ago, but still… a bronchial cough now. And the tiredness is amazing! Breakfast usually accompanied by coffee with chocolate in it gets me going! I sit in a corner and cough into a napkin… We headed out to drive thru Memphis and get out on the other side headed for Tupulo. Not that easy. I got caught in the loop. If I had the GPS on she would have guided us. We drove a little on the “ring road” and finally headed south towards Birmingham and Montgomery Alabama. We have been to Memphis and Tupulo to visit Elvis homes so “been there done that.” I think everyone needs to do it once, and eat barbeque and listen to music in downtown Memphis. Yep, done that! Alabama and Mississippi are not my favorite places to even drive through due to their clear known racial history of discrimination. As we drive I pray for peace in our own hearts. Birmingham reminds me of Martin Luther King and his fight and death. We must never forget King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Never forget and try to change our hearts. Today we selected 50s music on Sirius radio (50s on 5). and we swoozed. There was an hour of Pat Boone presents Elvis Pressley and Pat Boone played other singers doing Elvis’ songs. Elvis did all of them better. (Pat Boone is 84 and still working!!!). The south is blooming in pink and purple trees! Pink tulips and pansies decorated a tiny gas station. We glided out of Tennessee into Alabama; “Sweet Home Alabama” greeted us, and the radio crooned “The name of the place is: I like it like that.” OH! We crossed the Mississippi River at Memphis and it is swollen. There were signs of exits closed due to flooding: “Do not attempt to drive on exit!” The reason I say it looked swollen is what is normally wetlands near the Interstate the trees seemed to be half way under water… Pray for folks affected by flooding in Missouri and Iowa; flooding is coming down river. We arrived at our Quality Inn just south of Montgomery, at the entrance to our next road that will take us down to I-10. Should take 2 days to get home! Thank God. Thank you angels. When I get home I have to dispatch my angels to cousin Laura having shoulder surgery; brother in law George very sick; and friend Miriam from St Timothy having heart artery surgery. God bless my sick friends. Thank God.

The long way home

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Saturday March 23, at 10:07 we leave Oklahoma City headed for Memphis and route 55 south… The radio crooned “The Okie from Muskogee, The Red Headed Stranger, Who’s gonna fill their shoes?” As we drove east leaving cowboy country behind, putting Oklahoma behind us, I wondered does anyone love the red headed stranger like I do… Been to the Grand Ole Oprey…? Remember George Jones? For some reason, I’ve always loved country music! And the music of the 60s too which will play tomorrow. Daffodils and pansies (I think they are pansies) greet us at the Arkansas welcome center. There were 2 rocking chairs in front of a log fire. Very inviting… If the road didn’t call, I’d still be there, rocking… Spring is springing in Arkansas. Green trees interspersed with “white trees” I’m sure they are fruit trees in bud. I remember one year when I worked for Eastern Air Lines, I traveled from airport to airport, southern cities to northern cities, following spring! I was lucky enough to work my way north as part of my job. In Pittsburgh, while visiting my mother and Aunt, I grabbed mom’s arm and said, “what is that yellow bush?” “Forsythia,” Mom said! She loved daffodils and called them daffs or jonquils. I had never seen them, not forsythia, daffodils, iris. Amazing. If you grew up in Miami like I did you might be so spring starved as I was. On a trip to Hartford that spring, cousin Kenneth took Chuck and me to a field of “golden daffodils”. We have photos of me out in that field!!! Makes me feel at peace. At the Arkansas welcome center, I measured out where Memphis was and it was 4 1/2 hours…. I looked at the Choice app and hotels were $30 less expensive about 25 miles back so I chose the tiny town of Forrest City. Next to our hotel is the Old Sawmill Cafe with country cookin! Our end of the day is at the Quality Inn at 430 pm. exit 241A. I’m watching EWTN. Mass at 6pm. Then Chuck will bring dinner! God bless you.

sleeping comfortably in Oklahoma City

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

My navigator Mike from Miami, and directions on Google Maps told me there is an accident with about a 7 min delay on I 40 in Oklahoma City so we started looking for Comfort Inns. Bingo. About 1/2 way through Oklahoma City we spotted a Comfort Inn and a Panera Bread. Good Soup for Susie’s dinner!!!! This morning, Out on the road, we left Amarillo, Tx with Willie Nelson singing, “Angel Flying too Close to the Ground.” “Come on angel,” I invited, “lets go home!” We saw our first green field east of Amarillo. “Bring your sweet lovin’; bring it on home to me.” Ah! Home! I am making a doctor’s appointment because I have to be sure I get cleared from lung and sinus infection and I have to follow up on an aortic aneurism about 4.4cm. Doctor in ER in Kingman said this will be the baseline CT. I got lucky as most people don’t know they have aneurisms until they burst. Follow up in Miami. Thank you Jesus for the CT scan pneumonia. Enjoying the sheer beauty of the American road; breezing along with country music, a big Cross appeared on the horizon and Chuck came to a stop and pulled over. I didn’t move. Head on pillow; feet propped up. I look really sick. This was our first stop this trip and it was a young Texas Highway Patrol Trooper. OOPs. Fortunately Chuck had seen him and was able to slow a little. but not enough. I gave him my best coughing fit and with a sad face, Chuck told him I have pneumonia and we are heading home to Miami having scrapped our Western adventure. Chuck gave him his best Miami, Florida Trooper face and story… and he gave us a warning for something over 75mph… We drove by the big white Cross and I said “Thank You Jesus. We will slow down a little.” Indeed we slowed down all the rest of Texas. “St Patrick’s welcomes you to Shamrock Texas!” and we left Texas into Oklahoma. Chisholm Trail crossing reminded me again of the patriarchs who road mules, horses, walked this great land. Thanks cowboys! We drove 257 miles in 5 hours (that’s with several stops.) Nap time! God bless us!

traveling home Gallup to Amarillo

Thursday, March 21st, 2019

We jumped into the car at 945am, in Gallup New Mexico. The time is awkward for New Mexico time is different whether you are on an Indian Reservation… I had 945 on cell phone so I took it. Really, what does an hour matter? We turned on Sirius radio and chose “Willie’s Road House” and immediately Willie, Waylon and Johnny Cash came on. OK! I thought, “Sing Chuck home, guys.” Exit 47 on I40 is the Continental Divide. It makes me remember the movie with John Beluchi. He was a sweet talent, wild and living the fast life which killed him. He died due to his living the fast life. I watch scenery go by, mesa, table tops, and Pueblos. The wild majesty of this part of the West is sering and beautiful. We would stop and explore if I wasn’t sick; and tired…. all I can think of is being in bed and sleeping. You young ones get out here!!! I asked Chuck for a potty stop… and there was one tiny gas station… Painted on their windows were a Cross, “Love”, “Hope”, “Give”, Christian paintings. I said to myself, “I need to buy something here.” On a shelf under a counter, in the back, was a hand made indian painted angel! I didn’t care how much. So I told Chuck , “I want that”…. Of course! She is now riding home with us in the car! We will drive 2501 miles using paper maps! I have 3 maps open and all folded to where we are on my lap. For today I had New Mexico, the Texas border up in the panhandle, and the USA map. I trace our way to a border so we can get state information for hotel deals, and I need to figure the best route to the Mississippi River. I read earlier in the week about flooding, but flooding seems to be holding in the north. Mike has researched for us, and he said our crossing in the south ought to be fine, that Interstate crossings are not affected. Around Cuervo, in New Mexico, east of Albuquerque, rocks start to get some red on them! It got down into the low 40s as a front moved through, but we ended the day in the high 60s. Traffic pulled to a stop and a single line for a while and then we passed a terrible accident on the west bound side. Debris was everywhere and a helicopter rescue was ensuing. I can’t believe how people get all balled up. The road is wide and only if we’re careful and not aggressive can we avoid these awful crashes. We drove by and I offered a prayer for the victim (s). We crossed the border into Texas and I looked at my Choice app and found a Comfort hotel west of Amarillo in Deaf Smith County! I wonder if Deaf Smith settled here and named the county!!! I’m still croaking and whispering so if I use a hand signal, I frighten Chuck who thinks I see something he doesn’t see so it’s a little wierd. “”Exit 64″ I whisper… “what??????” he intones. It’s amazing we get places. Texas is crowded with windfarms. Good for Texas for developing natural energy! We saw no windfarms in New Mexico. Hotel is 2 miles east of Cadillac Ranch, an out door art exhibit of cadillacss buried nose down in a piece of farm land! painted with spray paint. To bed to sleep, snack on yogurt and apples. I’m up now for a brief time. Back to bed! God bless you!

USA the Beautiful I40 Kingman to Gallup

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

We left our hotel in Kingman at 955am. Bought a small pillow for Susie and some gas for the car and headed east on I40. America is Beautiful!!! Rocky mountains with flat tops. We listened to Sirius radio channel 58 Prime Country. We have 2501 miles to go… Put my feet up, pillow behind my head, head east young Chuck. Whenever we do one of our road trips, I’m always overwhelmed by thoughts of the early travelers, walking, riding mules, in wagons, having babies, and dying. Coming west. For land, for jobs, for freedom. Thank you brave travelers! Colors: stark, sepia, brown, dusty green, and straw. dusty. Elevations up to 7335 at the Arizona divide. I could feel the pressure in my head and chest. I’m very congested with the pneumonia and sinus congestion. My sinus were struggling today and I am trying to breathe deeply as my oxygen absorption was low withough oxygen in hospital! Devil Dog Road approaching Williams and the Grand Canyon entrance. We pass it by… Snow on the ground and tops of mountains on this first day of spring! Meteor Crater a National Landmark. Formed by meteor that hit earth out here 60,000 years ago! Astronauts practiced wearing moon suits and picking up rocks here in the moon scape near Flagstaff. Petrified forest but no trees!!! Dead River. I still can’t talk so to say “40 miles to the state line (New Mexico) get a hotel book at the welcome center” is an effort for me to say and a real effort for Chuck to understand. We found a beautiful hotel in the book. A Comfort Inn in Gallup. Checked into hotel in Gallup at 245pm and time for a short nap. Take out dinner from Cracker Barrel across the parking lot. All is well. Angels are with us. God bless us!

heading home “a day early”

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Dear gentle readers. I slept all night and woke up to turn on TV (EWTN Mass) but TV cable isn’t working. Room smells bad… hotel is having “a problem” with sewer…. “OK! I’m out of here” I announced to Chuck who is gamely packing ALL OUR STUFF. This was supposed to be a month on the road so we have cold weather gear, shoes for hiking, etc etc. I packed my small suitcase “for the road” with undies, capris, tee shirts, socks and my bag of medicine. And I’m ready to go. East. USA Today reports awful flooding in mid west. Iowa and Missouri flooding “looks like an ocean … so we have to plan this eastward trek to be able to ford the Mississippi river. So sad for the nation. Whole towns inundated. Pray today for our mid west breathern. Pray for Susie… I’m holding my own against the diarreah caused by antibiotics. Eating beautiful yogurts and my align. Let me get home angels… I’ll let you know where we are as we travel!!! We will take it easy as we don’t want blood clots from sitting in the car. What an adventure. God bless us. Leaving Kingman, Arizona. Angels: Come!

Lying about; healing

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Chuck took me for a walk around the pool; he pointed out the mountains and the blue sky. People I talked to in the hospital love this town (Kingman, Az). I took 2 naps today, ate a wonderful frozen yogurt (our little room refridgerator froze the yogurt). Chuck mixed it with strawberry yogurt from breakfast. YUM. Also ate a hamburger, also yum. We are talking soup for dinner. I wish there was a Panera bread but there isn’t. But there is a Cracker Barrell which makes nice soup. Watching hallmark movies!!! Watched EWTN Rosary and Mass this morning before my first nap! All will be well. We are staying here one more day all day Wednesday. We will leave headed east Thursday morning. Love you all. Take care of selves and pray for healing for those you love.

Sprung from the clink

Monday, March 18th, 2019

I guess doctor felt they had everything under control so I am out on the streets of Kingman (actually very cozy in our hotel room) with a bag of drugs and we will be leaving Kingman, Az on Wednesday morning! This has been a very interesting adventure so far. We will have fun on the road and I’ll try to find something great to write about. God bless you!!! Thank God.

Ready to go home!!!

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Doctor likes way blood counts look. Oxygen is back up to normal. Coughing, but doctor says that might have become bronchitis. I will be dismissed today with antibiotics, some nasal stuff, lots of yogurt and juice. We will stay overnight in Kingman and head out tomorrow. Chuck feels confident we can take it easy and be home in 6 days. OK!!! So I’m sprung and glad to get the IV out. (As a matter of fact, with the last IV antibiotic, the vein sprung a leak and medicine started to infiltrate. Then arm swelled up. Ick). Got that IV out!!! OK ready for a shower and the final paperwork. Love you gentle readers!!! God bless us.

End of first hospital day.

Sunday, March 17th, 2019

I was ecstatic with taking a long hot shower using my own soap!!! I watched EWTN all morning and prayed 2 Rosaries, watched Sunday Mass twice, and watched an Irish concert from Ireland! That’s because I was awake from 2 on to 5 when the Mass comes on out here in Pacific time. With several oxygen treatments, IV antibiotics, good food, doctors changing drugs to meet this challenge… and even though coughing continues…. I think I’m improving. I don’t think doctors have decided what exactly we are fighting so I might just head home without a fight and visit my favorite Miami specialists. I’ll take all records including CT scan with me when we go home. Watching a Hallmark movie before sleep!!! I was just offered another shower. Oh Joy!!! Chuck was invited back to the American Legion for Nascar afternoon!! God bless you as we put Sunday and St Patrick’s day to bed. Sleep well! God bless brother in law George!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Sunday, March 17th, 2019

Hi good gentle readers! I did an overnight in hospital and “true to what’s said” you can’t sleep in hospital.” I watched a great movie about a basketball player from Richmond high school who won all the school records (20 years ago) comes back to coach the team. Black school, drugs and gang violence, 50% graduation rate, and that is expected and accepted. Basketball is All these kids have or will ever have (accepted). But this coach is brought on to change that. Coach is played by Samuel L. Jackson Coach Carter who tries to make student-athletes, boys into men. Good job. Tried to sleep at 10, but just too restless, was nudged awake by coughing at 2, joined by nurse and aid, got hot tea with honey and an oxygen treatment. Found EWTN and found Rosary and morning Mass at 5am. Back to sleep and awakened at 7 to meet new day nurse (Dennis, a traveling nurse from Pensacola Beach, transitioned to Faith!) My goal today is breakfast ( I ordered a cheese omlet, apple sauce, yogurt and herbal tea with honey from Dave in room service. Then get a shower, walk around, sit in chair. Read, watch TV. Doctors are still trying to zero in on cause of pneumonia. Nasal swab came back negative for MRSA. I am so glad I came here though. I don’t think lying in bed at home or hotel I would have stopped coughing or healed. Chuck enjoyed car festival and went to the American Legion for St Patrick’s dinner! He can’t find the camera. I could smack him for that as now I’ll have to come back to Kingman at street festival time. Oh darn; Road Trip!!! Well. Dears it’s time to enjoy St Patrick’s Day! Please pray for my brother in law George who was in our wedding. Very sweet man, very sick, might be facing his last days. Good bless you George! You are my first brother! God bless us! Ta ta for now! Susie on Adventure.

Life and getting better

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

My nurse Honey Lyn just ordered dinner for me from the room service menu: chicken noodle soup, Mac and cheese, roast beef, roasted vegetables and two waters. I went to the ER at about 1015am. Had blood work, chest x-ray, CT scan as there is fuzzy area on lungs. CT reveals something like “after flu pneumonia.” Doctors are now trying to identify the particular infection, staff maybe, tested with a sinus swab. Tonight I have the luxury of oxygen breathing treatments every 4 hours! I don’t care at this point about lack of sleep! I wasn’t getting better. Doctors (I’ve seen 3 doctors so far…) Doctors say, I failed outpatient treatment! Doctor agrees stay in until nice and clear, probably 2 days. Chuck got extra time on the room so I might get up to the Grand Canyon sky walk!!! Wow. Panama Canal and the Grand Canyon with a road trip and Sirius XM playing “Prime Country”. It doesn’t get much better than that. I’m not talking on the phone as my voice is totally gone. I can talk on text and email. I have a beautiful, clean, single room with a window! God is good. I’ve been praying for help to our Blessed Mother and I know she sent in a few extra angels! Thank God and go help someone!!! Love you. God bless you.

Going for a cough diagnosis!!!

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Hi dear gentle readers. I noticed in my last note that I wrote “going west” It seems from Miami everthing we do is “go west.” Well this will be a “go east” type of trip. But with a short detour. Like the time of hurricane Irma I’ve been coughing for 2 weeks and it’s time to get a diagnosis! Last diagnosis was reflux and the feeling of sickness caused me not to eat so I also lost my gall bladder. Did you know if you lose a lot of weight quickly you can hurt your gall bladder? So today after a night of coughing and feeling sick because of it, I’m going to check myself into the Kingman hospital for diagnostic tests. I’ll have all reports sent to Miami and will try real hard not to go through this again!!! Chuck won’t leave me to go to antique cars and art festival. I’m fine!!! OK dear readers. Please pray for Susie, quick recovery. Pray thanks to St Patrick Patron saint of Ireland. Have a wonderful St Patricks day celebrtion. I’ll keep blogging as I slog through this! God bless you.

At Home, in Kingman Arizona!

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Hello dear gentle readers. I’m propped up in bed in the Quality Inn in Kingman Arizona. I have my… “Do not disturb; I’m watching Hallmark Movies” socks on… But I don’t think I get the Hallmark channel; but I do get EWTN which means I get Catholic Mass !!! That’s a cause for Praise! I found the weather channel and it seems, our little area of Arizona will get good weather this weekend then we go west, probably driving across the south to avoid the storms predicted there (for example; tornados in Kentucky) As we headed across I 40 from Barstow I was lulled into closing my eyes and relaxing. Then I saw a sign for Kingman and I glanced out and there were all kinds of advertisements and invitations to Kingman! The gray brown hills turned into reddish and bright. Signs promised the wonders of Kingman and as we drove into town we were welcomed by a really pretty place with a “Welcome to Kingman - Route 66″ sign. It just gets better. The Quality Inn gave us a suite because they say they honor their frequent travelers. They have all kinds of Route 66 and old movies memorabelia AND a laundry on site in case Chuck wants to wash a few things. I am SO SORRY I am missing this… I can only send Chuck out to go to the places I circled to go like the skywalk and the restaurant there on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. I can only ask my younger readers to, for sure, make my dream your dream!!!! Make it a dream trip!!! In a sence we might have had to head south anyway as the storm that hit Denver is called a “gut punch; Bomb Cyclone” Pressure dropped so strongly the winds were hurricane force. So, I don’t think winter is, in any way, near over. I’ll send Chuck out on adventures and let you know how he does. For now he is hovering…. Go OUT, Chuck!!! Everybody be safe during the bad weather and Praise God and pray for those who are sick… “Ta Ta for now, TTFN, said Winnie the Poo. “

Heading home

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Well dear readers. I guess I’m just wimpy! I breathed someone’s cough and it settled in. I visited ship’s medical facility twice and then again in Barstow California. ” Oh please don’t let me go into the hospital in This Place.”
Oh show me the way to go home ! Got x-ray results today and it’s not a “go to the hospital right now, but it is a go to bed right soon.” We were heading for Kingman and will head home Sunday. I want Chuck to hang out with the military guys we met on the last cruise .. at the Kingman antique cars and art festival, me rest a lot and watch TV. . Drive home? About 6 days? God bless you friends. Be well!

San Diego rental car!!!

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

My dear readers if you had seen me in the past few days you might have believed I am coming home right now! I never got over the flu cough. Nights are pounding coughing spells. I have codein and that might be why I’ve lost all appetite and voice. I am a silent sad little creature! Lady on phone on this bench is talking about Denver being shut down . We probably will head east … God bless you today! Barstow California today and Kingman Arizona for 4 or 5 days!

Day 13. A Whale of a Day!

Saturday, March 9th, 2019

I did not purchase a whaling tour, but we saw whales!!! A mama and a baby! rolling, diving, wonderful!!!!! We were out for about 4 hours looking at he shoreline and the pretty houses, hotels, mountains, and in the distance spotted what some thought were porpoise! Watched the whales for almost 1/2 hour as mama brought baby in close… ! My first up close and personal whale watching! We are tired and Chuck is still coughing. He talked the entire cruise tour with two gentlemen; one is from a sister submarine, the Picuda. Chuck invited him to the submarine reunion this coming May!!! I chatted nostalgically about Eastern Airlines, System One, EDS, etc etc with a lady who worked for American/Sabre/EDS. Small Small world. God bless you tonight. Happy Sunday.

Day 13 - Puerto Vallarta!

Saturday, March 9th, 2019

We have a tour boat cruise up the coast today! I think we are finally coming back to health!!! I swam in the pool for almost an hour. The sunshine felt good. Flu left both of us with cough…. ick. Take care. Get Flu shots as it at least lessens the severity! Calm and hot today. Hope all is well with you!!!! God bless you!!!

Day 12. Manzanillo, Mexico

Friday, March 8th, 2019

Good morning!!! Pulling into a bright white port! The color of the rocks and beach ahead is blinding white! We will get off and walk around without a tour and I will get into the pool unless I find a pretty beach. We have two more tours ahead in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas (tomorrow and the next day). I just bought a transfer to the airport for Chuck to go pick up the car. I’ll wait here at the ship for him; then we will be on the road east (Wednesday!). So… We are back to having fun and doing stuff. Can’t drink yet. Still taking the Tamiflu and the doctor doesn’t recommend drinking. I have a bottle of champagne with my name on it for Sunday!!!!  House in the Keys closed and money is in escrow. We are happy and still have good lady renters in Aunt Trudy’s house. Pray for Joan and Marj’s health as they enjoy and take good care of Aunt Trudy’s house! I pray for everyone of my friends especially health as Chuck and I have seen some pretty sick looking folks lately… We all need to take care and pray for one another. God bless you!!!!!

Day 11 at sea off Mexico

Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Hi dear readers! We stood at our door like little birdies this morning after the doctor cleared us. We poked our noses out and looked both ways and leapt out! Yea! Freedom! First thing we did was go to the Windjammer and sit outside with tea and coffee! Then we ate hot soup! I tried to go to the Cinema to see Green Book,  but Cinema was full so I sat and read, took a tiny nap and now I’m ready for a snack and a swim!!! Life is back to normal. Tomorrow is Manzanillo, a port on the south coast of Mexico. and we will probably walk around a little. Did not purchase a tour until Saturday.  All is well. God bless you!

Days 8, 9, 10 !

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Hi dear readers… I didn’t write because we were in Quarantine in our room. On Day 8, I coughed all day on our tour which was a scenic view of Puntarenas, Costa Rica… a train ride on the old Pacific coast railway and a ride through the rain forest.. I coughed into my hat and into my jacket as I didn’t like sounding like a plague victim. Went to bed without my supper. Got up at about 9 and ate a roll and butter. After a fitful night I told Chuck who was just as bad and shivering…… “get showered we are going to the doctor.”  My temperature was 100 and his was 102. They dosed us with tylenol and gave us flu tests by swabbing the nose. We both tested positive for Flu A which I found out today is the less awful of 2 flus A and B. They gave us Tamiflu and a cough medicine that is an expectorant… not a suppressant. So with occasional tylenol for the pain caused by the coughing (I have to clutch my chest when I get coughing and sneezing!!!!!)…. we have made it to day 10! In our room all day Tuesday and Wednesday we got free movies (saw Robin Hood which was good! and some other bad stuff…. will try one more time tonight to find a good movie in their selection) and free room service which isn’t hot…  when I finally broke out to write! I’m not better, but nurse visited and my temperature is normal again. I don’t dare sneak up to the windjammer for food because we are “isolated.”  We will be called to the clinic tomorrow and if both temperatures are normal we will be released!!!! A day at sea tomorrow.  Oh! Question of the day which I am sure my sister Sarah will understand: Chuck, wrinkling his nose: “Did you just put more Vicks on?” Me “Yep!!!”  God bless everyone this Ash Wednesday!