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Wind n Rain

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Today, like many others this month of June… The sky turned a gray green and glowered. While I was in the grocery store shopping for fruit and milk, the store started to shake and sounded like hammers on the roof. I glanced out and saw sheets of rain and a flood in the parking lot. More shopping. That’s usually when I buy the BOGOs…. Don’t need peanut butter, but it’s a BOGO, so will get it “for the trip”. etc etc. When I was finished buying my non-list items… the rain had stopped. I carried my bounty home and we waited. Sure enough … just now I looked out and up because the air seemed green-gray and this giant gray green cloud threatened from the East. and , yes, you guessed it, the floods again began. I didn’t get crackers, so if we flood, we’ll be licking peanut butter off our fingers. Hope your summer is sunny and not too hot! God bless you!

All continues well… same old same old

Friday, June 9th, 2017

First let me thank our Lord for all of our continuing health. Even though I “sound” like I have a horrible lung disease… i don’t. I caught a cold and arrived at Dennis and Laura’s coughing. Dennis did not have surgery… actually the first opinion doctor stirred up trouble because he did not want to do surgery and after Dennis and Laura got the concurrence of general practice, urologist and a second surgeon to operate, first opinion doctor stirred up trouble. As I listened to telephone conversations, I prayed for a peaceful solution. It is absolutely awful to get a cancer diagnosis, “Yes you have cancer,” but surgery denied. So Chuck and I left on Friday and I’ve been suffering from a cold since. I sit and read and watch TV. It has been raining like a son of a gun so I can’t go outside in the sunshine too much. It’s amazing how a cold as we call it really infects and deflates spirits. We don’t have a resolution in Dennis’ case… So let us continue to pray for our kin and loved ones who have gotten cancer diagnosis and pray for healing and peace. God bless you.