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Winter with a different face

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

My dear friends. Winter is freezing much of the nation from Maine to Jacksonville, Fla, and friends in the north of England tell about hurricane force winds in northern Scotland. And we are getting sun and wind burn here on Big Pine Key. We have a friend visiting from Buffalo and he is bronzed with riding the kyack across Bogie channel without a shirt on. The Keys house is half packed up and Miami house is full of stuff from the Keys. We will go through our duplicates in late October after we have had a chance to take a long and involved “summer” hoiiday. We are actually toying with the plan to get off the train that brings us back to Tampa to get our car after we get off the cruise ship that brings us back to the states and we will head north. To Atlanta to Lisa Paparelli’s wedding, to visit friends in North Carolina, to visit visit visit… until we land in Pittsburgh for the submarine convention labor day. So… October ought to be a time of unpacking. Literally. I hope my dear friends can find a nice warm spot to rest and play while Mother Nature whirls her snowy wrath around. God bless you!