Love and art

Heat isn’t going to go away, so i can’t use that as an excuse! So, I must go out into the garden and work a little even if for 1/2 hour a day. I have a butterfly garden that has nicely reseeded itself, but it needs the old dead stuff pulled out. I have beautiful fruit trees that need the weeds under them pulled. Mother nature needs tending or she tends to “go to the jungle”!!! Just like a tired house or living room, or basebaords need new paint, so mother nature needs stroking! People need help too.

Just as I must work despite the heat, I must speak out the truth! “But what is the truth?” Pilate asked. We have thought about this before and we are to continually research it! When do we know something is a scam or a fraud? Should we pray over major decisions or any decision if it feels funny? God said he wouldn’t let us fail, so trust the gut! Hitler said, “Truth is relative,” but we know different. The truth is, people are children of God. All of them. To be taken care of by those of us who did better in life. Christ doesn’t want us to stoop to the culture we live in…. believing that some are less worthy than others. Soon we will be taking in Afganis who helped the US troops for up to 20 years while we fought over in the near east. How will we treat these “different” people? They helped us. Now, because God said he has prepared a place for me, I must prepare a place for my brother. Let’s make a plan to be kind and giving. We are “on our honor” to be kind because “the others” are children of God too. Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” three times, and three times after Peter answers “Yes,” Jesus says, “Feed my sheep.” God bless us. God help us to “do the right thing.” Angels encamp around us.

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