Pentecost Sunday: Holy Spirit Day

If only we could know whether our “crazy ideas” are any good! and that is what I’m wondering as a friend told me if I’m too political, no one will listen. In the weeks of Easter we have been reading from the Gospel of John and, reading as if I am there listening, I have been inspired by how many times Jesus told me (us) he loves us. When he says, “”Remain in me. Follow me. Do what I teach. What is the law?” I answer him, “love you God with my whole heart and mind, and love my neighbor.” “Who is your neighbor?” he asks. “It is the Samaritan lying in the road; the one I have been taught, or I just feel, is my enemy, but I must help him; so say you Lord,” I answer. “Is your neighbor a small child who might be a handful of trouble?” he asks. “Yes Lord,” I answer. “You know the law,” he gently whispers, “Act on the law. That is all you need.” I stand in awe before my God. The Word is in my hand (Bible), and in my heart, where Jesus and the Holy Spirit reside.

Starting soon, the news will be full of the arguments in the Supreme Court which are to begin in October. People of all races, sex, and ages will be arguing about the law which Jesus God spoke. It involves kiling a child. The tiny one might only just have a heartbeat, but its a human heartbeat. The argument is, “can I kill him or her?” The tiny one is not an “it” because that is a human heartbeat. What has come into my mind on this day of Pentecost when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost), is that this shouldn’t be in the country’s law courts. Isn’t it the law of God whether we kill or not? Isn’t it dependent on what is in my heart? Oh pray my dear friends that we realize the answer to this vital issue. God bless us as we drop making and obeying human law and we begin to “follow him”. Angels with us.

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