Saving ourselves

My dears. I couldn’t think of anything to say after typing the title yesterday so I closed the computer. I mumble around and and bemoan the fact that I’m not inspired, I’m lazy, I want ice cream and wine… I want Covid to be over, but if we don’t get vaccinated as a nation, Covid isn’t going to go away like measles, mumps, chicken pocks, pneumonia, leprosy went away with vaccines. The director of CDC asks us to get vaccinated. Dr Fauci asks us to get vaccinated and wear masks. Can we, tough, stubborn, Americans save ourselves? Chuck and I are both vaccinated and we wear masks inside buildings. We have been isolated.

For me, another way to save myself is to take hold of my tummy roll that wasn’t there 2 years ago. I stepped on the scale at the Doctor’s office and I was horrified. I “never” weighed that much!!! Oh boy; Save myself. Jesus is taking care of my soul, but it is up to me to take care of my tummy. So I went on the web, and looked at pools in the backyard which Chuck doesn’t want to do. Expensive to build and then you have to maintain it. OH. Maintain is not in our vocabulary!!! So after going through many web sites, I said, “We have Yoga in Lake Placid.” Indeed! I then went to my local Bealls Outlet store and bought new yoga clothes (in a larger size than I used 10 years ago). This morning I suited up in my new yoga pants and top. I also took cover up clothes if there was no yoga and I went to church instead. The yoga place is at Main street and Dal Hall, right at the market near town center, on the way to Publix and … it takes 10 minutes to get there!!! There were 10 ladies and a really great instructor. Ahhhhh! Yoga breathing! OH! my right knee was very unhappy when I went into “child’s pose!” which involves kneeling down which I haven’t been able to do lately. Breathe! Relax! Ease off! OH! The right knee continued to complain until I got off it and moved to my back and lifted my legs to stretch. Then the hamstring gets into the game!!! Whew! Both hams refused my stretching efforts, and started to cramp! Breathe!!! Relax!!! Breathe!!! Isn’t that what life is like? We don’t necessarily want to do what is good for us. Or someone tells us to do something, and we don’t want to do it. So we struggle without help. For me, yoga is great help. I was thinner in yoga class on Big Pine Key 10 years ago and I sang and danced as my tummy got smaller. This time it will be a little tougher as I have developed bad habits of wine and ice cream. If you come to visit, bring yoga clothes. Everyone can do a little! I’ll be the one singing and dancing!!! Love you my gentle reader! God bless us.

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