Pray for the people in India. Less that 2 percent of Indians are vaccinated. That is astounding but their government hasn’t responded and they are a poor country. We are shipping airplanes full of oxygen to India. Pray for them.

Yesterday and Today the readings at church are so beautifully supportive. If anyone wonders how to act, or what to believe, all we have to do is read the words of Jesus or his brilliant disciples John and Paul. Jesus said, “Remain in me” 8 times in the story of the Vine, “I am the vine, you are the branches…” (John 15). Like fertilizer and water, the word of Jesus is given life in us, and we give fruit to good works if we hang on. Saul breathed hate, but Jesus took him on as a late born disciple. Imagine Jesus says to us, “I’ve been waiting for you Saul.” Put your name in place of Saul’s.

Today I discussed politics with my nurse at the opthamologist’s office. She is a gentle woman who was preparing me for a second excision of a lesion on my eyelid. Somehow we got talking about “If you don’t like it, you have a vote in 4 years.” She said, “I like that!” I often speak out on complainers who bust the government in the face. I’m begging for people to take in the words of Jesus…. Remain in the gentle arms and on the chest of our God. He forgives. He brings peace. Lean back and rest. God bless us.

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