If I could change one mind

If I could change one mind it would mean that I helped someone to realize that Peace stands a chance when we stop fighting. It would mean we listen to respected people. It would mean we stop calling names, calling “fraud,” hurting reputations, rather we start helping others who need help. I watch Sunday Morning on CBS every Sunday morning. Generally I DVR it so I can FF through commercials and FF through things I’m not interested in. So today I watched the first unfettered interview of Anthony Fauci. I didn’t really have reason to “know” him before this last year. I saw video clips of him being tortured by AIDS protesters. Now he has been tortured in public by people who think he’s lying and they don’t want to wear masks. I knew he was listening to the President and realizing the truth wasn’t being said. Today he spoke unfettered and I felt relief. Can I change one person who still believes the lies of the past 4 years?

For some reason the Fauci interview this morning made me think, what if I could change one mind? It made me remember a time when I taught 11th grade in a very awful year that I realized early on I couldn’t teach these kids. They were out of control before I got there. I tried to go over exams with them before I gave the test. Anything to teach teach teach. Even going over tests with them before test day. So I did that. I asked questions from the test. Then I said, anyone have any questions? And a student came up to ask and I took him over to my desk for a little privacy. The students saw that I left the test out and they took advantage of that. I answered question after question while others read the questions and copied them (question 1 is B, question 2 is C etc). One student came up to me after class and told me what had happened. One student out of 30 told me the kids cheated. I changed the test. Just shifted the questions around, and indeed when I handed out the test one kid blurted out, “you changed it!” How stupid he was!!!! I was broken by that experience because I hoped for students who wanted to learn and grow. “If only I could change one.” That’s what I am. A teacher, a dreamer. As we walked her dog yesterday, I asked my friend, “give peace a chance.” I’m not sure she is willing to do that. This morning, I refuted some of her “facts” and protests with articles written into the news in google. I did not get an answer. Can we make changes? Can we find truth and peace? The 11th grade girl who told me the truth is one. I pray for the others. I pray for Peace in this world. We can do that! God bless us.

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