Passing over the Rabbit and the Des Moines

Hi dear family and friends. We’ve passed over so many rivers in this cross country trip!  The Rabbit River here in downtown Des Moines looks a little low but the Des Moines looks good. Downtown Des Moines is beautiful with many condos and restaurants (downtown development).   We left Clear Lake on Sunday after a lovely boat ride and breakfast at the marina. It is so hard for me to imagine that frost will begin in a month (that is calculated on the crickets being so loud), snow fall by Hallowe’en, and ice fishing and driving on the lake by late December. We plan to be “on the water” too but it will be in a boat. I’ll be nudging Chuck along towards getting a boat in the water on Big Pine Key in Mid November as we prepare for a sunny hot Thanksgiving. No “Season of Mists and mellow fruitfulness” for this Miami/Big Pine couple. We are visiting friends Tim and Kyla who have stayed with us in Big Pine and love it down there, but Tim has to work and Des Moines is home. We are eating very well; last night we ate at an old Italian restaurant near the baseball stadium in downtown. All is well and we are watching the tropics for weather and hope the east coast of the US stays safe. Love to family and friends. Susie  

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