Decoration Day

In the old days today was called Decoration Day. The women of small towns went to the city cemetaries and honored the Civil War dead. No one had a notion of the United States ever being involved in another war. Yet we were drawn into the “Last Great War” and then, much against our desires, we were drawn into a 2 front war in Europe and the Pacific. This weekend, Chuck and I are watching movies “Patton,” ”MacArthur,” “The Longest Day,” “Midway,” and “12 O’Clock High” among other old war movies. Old generals direct thousands of young soldiers who fight other brave young soldiers who are directed by old generals. With these movies, we are reminded of the great awful battles of WWII. When the old generals retired they talked sadly of the horror of war, yet here we are with troops spread across Europe and the near East. I am sure that every mother today cringes when we talk of not being out of Afganistan soon. Every mother’s son or daughter is fodder for the wars we fight. Does it seem as we sing “God Bless America” that he isn’t blessing us and standing beside us? Our faith tells us he is here and he is spreading out his great wings inviting us to love our neighbor.  Let’s at least try to make a plan: what can each of us do today to avoid war and bitterness?  Go into a quiet place, look into your heart, find your spirit there. Let your spirit commune with our Great God who has seen it all, and who embraces our fallen soldiers and wants to embrace us too. God bless America  

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