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An argument with 2 sides?

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Is it possible I wonder that an inner city could be rehabilitated so that children could play and go to school in peace? Is it possible that children could eat breakfast and then read and study, color, paint, play music and dance, learning that they have beautiful talents? Is it possible that Federal money intended for growth and cleanup is misspent? Is it possible that everyone, “we all”, could stop talking and go take a look at our own inner city, take a tablet and make a list of “things to do”. And make it happen? Today I pray that rhetoric stops and conversation begins. I pray for peace in every heart and honest thinking. God bless us.

“The world beckons”

Monday, July 29th, 2019

So Karla says as she steps out onto the deck, coffee in hand, dog at heels. George Winston plays the piano on Alexa and we sip coffee and remember this last fun week. “Did you sleep well?” “Yes with the door open”… 60 degrees outside the open door. Quilt pulled up snug under my chin. Karla’s son Brad and family of lovely wife Becca and 2 little sweet kids and 2 dogs are coming for a visit. The Boone mountain house will hear laughter once again!!! Ahhhhhh…. long sigh of a little sadness that we have to leave, but also some excitement that we will be receiving the keys to our new house in Lake Placid on Wednesday. I think they have Bible study at Lake Placid church at 10 am after Mass… but I don’t think we will get there in time. But in the future. And future is a good thing to think about and all the gifts God has to offer. Say yes! this beautiful morning and live. God bless you!!!!!

Fire and 2 movies a night

Saturday, July 27th, 2019

It’s getting to where we are spoiled with cafe eating, wonderful leftovers (not beanie wienie), wine, fires set by Chuck in the fire place, movies, walks with “the dog” Jessie, petting the dog who comes to sit next to me and is so grateful for attention! I think both the ladies in this house (Jessie and Karla) are very sad because 9 months ago they lost a husband and a friend, Mark, with a boisterous laugh, a fine sense of the beautiful and thereby a fine talent at beautiful art, a love of music and singing (shall I repeat boisterous?). We lost a good friend, but the angels received his joy! What a soothing vacation this is for all of us! Today is Saturday. Clear and starting at 51 degrees. We already took a walk and found a centipede! Jessie sniffed it and probably most intelligently, left it alone. I’ll bet they sting if you chomp into them. Ok my gentle readers. On the schedule for today in Lake Placid is the Calladium festival which we will miss this year but make it next year!!! Join us next year! God bless you. Angels with us!

More Petting!

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

Jessie the Golden loves to be petted and I think she has found her match in Susie who will pet as long as the dog likes. We drove into town and Jessie sits on her side of the back seat and puts her paws and head in my lap … She is all ready for a nice dinner where she sits under the table and eats what we drop which… we do.  I tried to give Karla some of my salad and some dropped so the dog chomped on salad greens and corn with joy. It is quiet and peaceful here on the mountain in Boone. A lovely place to send kids to school (Appalacian State U)… and celebration of Appalacian Summer is underway. We are home now from dinner and ready to watch a movie (I’m thinking Gray Gardens)… Last two nights I was off to bed at 8 and then 9. Tonight I’m going for it! Going to stay up for the movie!!!!  God bless you!

Petting a Red Dog

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

We are visiting my college friend Karla in Boone, NC. The red dog is Jessie a red Golden retriever! She has a big fan tail which she happily waves like a plume or a flag when she goes out for a walk on trails smelling of deer and squirrels! Jessie loves attention so a dangling hand gets the occasional nudge with the unspoken plea “Nobody pets me! Please pet my ears, my muzzle . My forehead!” So I just sat down on the floor and spent some time with her! We took a walk earlier and now Jess is curled up with her bunny. What a quiet life the mountain here in Boone is. It’s a lovely cool day. We drove up to South Windsor, CT. In soaring temperatures up to 101 to celebrate cousins Barbara and Kenneth’s 60th wedding anniversary. Stayed with Chuck’s sister Thelma and ate great food including lobster, clams and oysters!!! It started a deluge of raining the afternoon we left CT and didn’t really let up while a cool front moved in. We would have taken the blue ridge parkway to Boone but it was shrouded in fog and rain. Mountain roads in fog just not for me. Today Karla and I will go to Mass at noon and then pick up Jessie and Chuck for a outdoor cafe treat in Banner Elk! Angels with us! Thank God.