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Boston Quincy Market

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

On Sept 22 We left New London Ct, from Thelmas house to the Brooklyn port to board the QM2. All bags were delivered and all put away by 6pm dinner. We have lovely table mates, robes and slippers in our tiny cabin, music in many corners of the ship, good shows, and generally all is good except for the deep longing in my heart to get home and help my friends. We did not get into the first cruise port, Newport, due to winds from Hurricane Jose, but the ride has been very smooth. As alternative to port day in Newport we got 2 lectures on Buddy Holly (wonderful… Left me singing”Peggy Sue” “Everyday” etc.) And a talk on the Vikings… Very historic. Today is Sunday and I am celebrating meeting Connie and Joe from near Lady Lakes and Murphy’s North Carolina. They are with a group with 2 priests and they invited me to daily Mass and talks and to go with them to St Ann Basilica in Quebec! Chuck too. God is good. I’m typing this with beer and clam chowder in Quincy Market! We have a man on site on Big Pine Key who has dried in and covered holes in the 2061 roof…. Miami roof had a threatening leak, but friends saved the day…. Hoping Trudy’s roof (on our small keys house) is OK. Look up. Thank God. God bless you!

hurricane recovery

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

With Puerto Rico getting blasted, I feel Narcissistic worrying about my little troubles. Islands are so vulnerable because if hit full on, devastation can be total. Our renters have been down to Big Pine and 2061, the big house” had ceiling damage that indicated more than “just a few roof panels torn”. The next day our next door neighbor’s friend texted that he has a “dry in, mold clean up, roofer business” and he will dry us in today. So he is at it probably as we speak. We sent him over to 1963 “Aunt Trudy’s house” as our renter reported the back wall has buckled and windows don’t close … Sand and grit got in. So send the roofer guy over there too. Meanwhile we have friends who are looking for contracting work going down to work on electric connections to house and other issues roofer guy doesn’t handle. Meanwhile we are in the final packing mode to go on New England cruise starting tomorrow. I tried to cancel but it’s too late and we would lose full price paid… Throwing away $4500 just doesn’t fit into our world view. Besides there’s no room at my house! I have Keys friends and renters in 2 rooms and friend Karen Skipp in third room while she works temporarily in Miami. So, there’s no room at Chez Peabody “the Lake house” for the Peabodys. Hope the Keys electric and water sewer issues are resolved before we get home October 10. God bless you!;

2 houses broken

Monday, September 18th, 2017

Darn it… We just got video from a friend… Both Keys houses had downstairs blown out and in the case of the big house… empty. Chuck had cleared a lot of stuff out of the downstairs recently but he left an air compressor and a generator that are gone. All the walls are gone on downstairs and some of the eaves are gone on the underside of the roof. We do not know about the integrity of anything…. Hope A/C is OK and don’t know if electric can be connected…. wires all over the place … Oh well…

Meanwhile we spent 3 beautiful days in the berkshires and visited Norman Rockwell museum, Berkshire Gardens, Edith Wharton home and gardens called The Mount, and the Clark gallery up in Williamstown. We spent 2 days at a Founders festival in Lee a sweet small town. It is a beautiful place! God bless America.

we have two houses on Big Pine Key!

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

Not rubble. The house next to us at 2016 Coral Way was badly damaged … We have photos and it reminds me of Hurricane Georges… Our dock is gone and the stairway down the back to the water is chewed up. Some of the roof panels are chewed up. Hurricane Irma acted like a buzz saw. We have not seen the 1963 house (Trudy’s) except from satellite and it looks pretty good. We have a friend who was living at 2061 downstairs and stayed there… but we can’t speak with him…. no cell service down there. But the downstairs shutters at both houses seem to be open…. God bless you Wayne!

Meanwhile we have visited Katie Alberte and eaten great meals in Ossining and Tarrytown, seen beautiful gardens and lovely small towns. We are now in the Berkshires at a Founders festival in Lee near Stockbridge and Great Barrington. Last night was “A Taste of Lee” on Main street with about 600 citizens strolling past vendors and musicians! Fireworks at 8pm ended the evening. We ended the evening with some great clam chowder and a lovely wine. Today is a town parade at Lee and then the Norman Rockwell museum and Botanical Gardens in Stockbridge. God bless you.

W A I T I N G…….

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Cruising the internet today, I looked for the photo of the eyewall I saw on the TV set on the weather channel, but I can’t find it… It showed the eyewall and under it was I guess superimposed a map of the keys and we could run up to the TV and say “there’s Big Pine Key…” but the bottom half or the south east side of the eye wall was gone and I saw only blue beautiful blue…. I am sure and I believe it is the hand of God that this storm was lessened in intensity as it hit the Keys. We might lose a lot of property, but, I am certain it lessened and I thank God for that. I pray those who stayed behind all lived as the flooding and winds were awful. Who can withstand being out in a surge of say 15 feet? We don’t know as we have never stayed, although Chuck did stay in our bigger Keys house during Hurricane Rita and he said the house shook like it was coming apart. Very scary. So I hope everyone is OK and we wait…. for NOAA to get the photos of the island done and we can look at our houses. God bless us!!!

About that turn Lord

Monday, September 11th, 2017

There was no good place for Irma to turn to… By the time she set her eye on little vulnerable Big Pine Key… The turn options were Houston or the extremely fragile Gulf coast east of Louisiana … Oh the options were awful so Big Pine Key and Cudjo Key took it for the team. Emergency Management reports can be found on At this point the government is inspecting roads and bridges, airports, water, electric, cellular (nothing is working). We are in a wait mode still visiting cousin Carol in Ohio. My whole family is affected. Family in Jacksonville, la Grange Georgia, and of course our Miami and Big Pine Key houses. Thank God for our friends in Miami who took such good care of us. So far everyone is OK. God bless you.

eye wall

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

When we lost the porch roof of the Lake house in Katrina it was as the eye wall passed over. It sounded like a freight train. The hurricane is most viscious in that part of itself. The eye wall is just about to hit Big Pine Key (730 am Sunday). If I was ever property proud, I think I will have little left. I am hoping everyone on our street has left. We don’t know where our friend Wayne went but we do know that all our other friends are spread over Florida and Georgia. God bless us.

waiting for a turn

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Chuck and I are at cousin Carol’s waiting… For Irma to turn away, waiting for Irma to get destroyed by the hand of God… Waiting for it all to be over. Most friends from Keys are evacuated to Tampa, to Georgia, out of the Keys. With storm headed for the Keys, Chuck and I can only rejoice that our friends got away and we will deal with property after we get back from this (who knew ill conceived) long trip out of Florida. God, if you will, destroy this hurricane… Please make it turn away from our homeland and destroy its strength. God bless America. God bless my friends.

Irma go east!!!

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Yesterday I got into my flee mode…. “Go home” was screaming in my head… My neighbors are working to make my home safe and I’m driving across the beautiful Michigan upper peninsula… All I could think of was “I75 south…. At least go quickly to cousin Carol’s and hunker down with family to pray and watch the eather channel…” But Chuck insisted we stay with the plan which was cross the Mackinaw bridge south and head south on route 31 which drives along the beaches and dunes of Lake Michigan. We had a few towns in our sites to stop for the evening… but it got to be lunch time and Chuck said we should stop for lunch. I spotted a cafe at an intersection and I yelled, “Turn left here!!!!” Chuck is pretty good at following directions and he managed to turn into the parking lot of the Torch Lake Cafe. There was a sign, “Music tonight.” The cafe was really nice! We had a great bottle of Pinot Noir wine and some appetizers and Chuck said, “If there’s a hotel nearby, we could do music tonight. ” I asked the hostess who pointed across the street. “You go there, or you drive a long way.” We are truly in the middle of nowhere on the coast! We finished lunch and drove across the street and found a sweet little motel with a beautiful room for us! Read for a while and took a nap and headed out to see sunset on a beautiful sandy beach on what is called Traverse Bay. It was pretty cloudy, but some colors and the lazy waves and sandy beach might make a nice photo. Back to the Cafe for the music, pizza, 2 more bottles of wine… Made friends with a table of 4 gentlemen at the next table who are here to play golf!!!! Spent the evening 2 hours dancing and singing to late 60s and 70s music. A lot of Margaritaville Jimmy Buffet and other favorite singers!!!! We closed the restaurant and went back across the street to tumble into our beautiful room. Tonight will be wine and left over pizza. All our friends and renters are evacuated from the Keys, and To my friends in Miami who are working hard against being in the “cone” of hurricane Irma… I say God bless you dear friends. Use my house, use my pantry, take anything you need, fill my bathtub with water. God be with you. God bless south Forida with a hurriane that goes east…. and God bless Texas.

Pictured Rocks… Not

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

We went out for breakfast at a deli and ate homemade bagels (Chuck’s with egg, bacon and cheese and mine a cherrybagel with cream cheese). We ate with 2 other couples and taked about about the Army, Vietnam, and one whose grandfather was in the 101st Airborne and landed at Normandy!!!! It was an exciting discussion. Headed over to the cruise desk for a noon cruise and… cruises cancelled for rain and wind. Oh darn. So we went into the interpretative center and watched a video of the Pictured Rocks which started as a single man taking people for cruises to see the beauties of the lakeshore here at Munising… Then his son took over and finally sold it a few years ago to 2 Musining natives. Keeping it alive locally! We bought a book of pictures and tried to keep warm until the craft market at 4pm and the outdoor in the park concert at 6pm. It wasn’t easy to stay warm in drizzly 53 degrees weather! When the concert started I tried to sit outside but was freezing in the wind and drizzles… About 1/2 hour later Chuck and I realized all the people there were huddled in the pavillion/band shell so we picked up our chairs, my blanket, my extra jacket and went into the pavillion and finished the concert out of the wind!!!! We are eating microwave Popcorn for a snack and we have made plans for tomorrow…. heading east to cross the Mackinaw bridge down to the sand dunes on the south side of Lake Superior. Thinking constantly of Miami and the Florida Keys who are facing the threat of Irma. God bless you my Miami and Keys friends. God bless Texas.

Pictured Rocks day 1

Monday, September 4th, 2017

We left Ironwood, Michigan at 830 am headed for the 3pm Pictured Rocks cruise at Musining, Michigan. An hour later the time zone changed and we “lost” an hour. I got a little concerned because the road was slow as we drove along a picturesque Lake Superior seafront…. But we arrived at Musining in plenty of time but the 2pm and 3pm cruises were cancelled due to wind and waves. OH darn! So I rescheduled for tomorrow Tuesday 12 noon. We figure we can eat a good breakfast and then cruise for 3 hours… we made rservations at a new recommended restaurant named Tracys at 4pm so our bellies ought not to be too far between meals … Meanwhile, Rain might cancel tomorrow… but I’m not worried. We have the luxury to stay another day if we want. We got a room with TV, wi fi, refrig, microwave, king sized bed overlooking the water!!!! We step outside and walk to the seawall which has benches, barbeque… waves… I could stay here a week. Its a bit blustery albeit the sun is shining!!!! Time for a walkabout along the shore! God bless You.


Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Yesterday might have dawned cold and misty, but we dutifully got on the road and as we crossed the border into Wisconsin just after Duluth and the day began to change. By the time we got to Bayfield, the sun came out and we began to feel better about cruising on Lake Superior. We were about to go on the ferry to Madeline island but there was no long term parking! So we went to lunch instead opposite the Apostles cruises office….. Chuck said, “What’s the 2pm cruise?” He wasn’t sure about driving out of town for our hotel and then driving back in the morning and making the 10am cruise…. So I trotted across the street and exchanged our 10am “tomorrow” tickets for 2pm “today”. We then ate lunch and got on the 2pm cruise. When we cruised into the wind on Lake Superior it was windy and chilly!!! People began to put on jackets and I put on jacket and scarf!!! We cruised past the 12 Apostles (12 islands out in the bay from Bayfield,) we drove past amazing rock formations and caves and generally enjoyed almost 3 hours cruising the largest freshwater lake in the world (I think)…. Coming back into Bayfield at 5pm it was sunny and warm! We had a drink up at the Bayfield Inn overlooking the harbor, basked in the setting sun and then headed out for our hotel. Turns out the nearest place I could get Labor Day weekend was 1 1/2 hours east! When we got into Ironwood, and checked into our hotel, we both agreed we were grateful that we took the cruise already rather than try to get up and rush over to the 10am cruise on Sunday morning. As it turns out I got to go to 8am Mass at Our Lady of Peace with a wonderful priest who gave a good homily and prayed a long and beautiful Eucharistic prayer. I told him after Mass that the church is a very peaceful place; it could be that Our Lady really does protect her people and helps them to find peace. We went out to explore and found a sale at a sporting goods store… and are now going out to a restaurant that has music on the patio from 2 to 8. Ironwood is a beautiful hilly town with a ski lift for ski fying! They call this the Northland! Snow is very important to these people!!!! Have a wonderful Labor Day! God bless you.

Wow I got lazy!

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

We spent a whole week in bliss at Clear Lake and I didn’t write anything! The Grotto of the Redemption was about an hour drive west of Clear Lake past corn fields. A tiny town with a beautiful church where a priest from Germany (trained in the Seminary in the US from the age of 20) built over about 14 years a big series of grottos depicting Adam and Eve in Paradise, the birth of Christ, the time in Nazareth, the Agony in the Garden, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection among other events. The priest went all over the world using his own money to find rock (agates and other fine rocks…) and just built what was in his head. I caught a tour and enjoyed about 2 quiet hours and finished in the church with a tiny grotto of the Nativity. It was beautiful. We spent every sunny day on the lake, caught a beautiful sunset, and I got one day in the pool. I just don’t like to go into a cold pool and I need a hot sun shining to go in! We worked on the puzzle, ate out a lot, visited new friends at the VFW, and I got to go to daily Mass on Wednesday and Thursday at St Patrick’s. All in all it was Idyllic! We left Friday morning and drove north through St Paul and Minneapolis, cut in half by the Mississippi River. So we said a final hello and goodbye to our river that we visited for about 2 weeks solid on this trip. Today, Saturday, dawned muzzy, cloudy, foggy and rainy; chilly too!!! So we will go out bravely on route 35, cross into Wisconsin, and I hope, drive along a tiny route 13 which skirts the shore of Lake Superior to the town called Bayfield where we will catch the cruise to the Apostle Islands tomorrow. Then we will go to our hotel which I took for 2 nights. OK! It’s not clearing up, and we can’t stay here forever, so up and out. God bless you!!!