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One more week at the lake!

Monday, August 28th, 2017

This weekend was full with Tim and Kyla visiting us… We ate out at Taco night at the VFW and Italian at Gejos in Clear Lake. Saturday was market day so we got apple pie and sticky buns and sat and munched and listened to the guitar player at the market. It was a rainy cool day so we stayed in and read books and for dinner was steak in Mason City. Sunday was Mass and then boating to town and a Chinese restaurant for lunch. We then went to a benefit for a friend of Tim and Kyla’s who has lung cancer. Of course Chuck and I signed up for many items in the silent auction and we “won” a gift certificate for a shop in town, some beauty items from Bath and Body Works, a hand made afghan by Ellie, a cat rug for Karen’s cats, and…. I think that’s all!! Sunday evening Chuck and I went to the park for a concert. It was wonderful!!! Two ladies playing guitar and keyboard singing songs from the late 60s early 70s. Of course I sang along and clapped loud!!!! Today to the Grotto of the Redemption. I’ll fill you in later…. God bless you!

A lazy day!

Friday, August 25th, 2017

Friend and hostess Kyla came yesterday after attending a funeral. We went out to the VFW where Kyla had agreed to help make Tacos that they sell on Taco night also corresponding with “Thursdays on Main” when bands and vendors and old cars set up on Main Street. We ate tacos and set out to walk the 4 blocks of Main street that vendors were set up on. We admired old chevys, corvettes, Ford trucks, a Model A and many others. Chuck bought a plaque for his barroom and I admired a beautiful Golden Retriever ! It was a beautiful example of “Main Street USA”

Today we returned to Main Street for breakfast and Kyla and I went over to Mason City to pick up some gifts for a silent auction for a sick friend. We’ve spent the cool and rainy day with Kyla solving a water bill issue, me and Chuck playing on the puzzle, laundry, playing Word games, watching Hurricane Harvey… Praying for our Texas friends. God bless you.

More God’s grandeur

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

August 21 Eclipse Day united the nation. Everyone was lookng up… at the Sun and the moon in their cosmic dance… A giant predictable clock whose order was established at Creation by an Intelligence who exists today. This thought was inspired by the morning homily on EWTN. Who can deny the intelligence of Creation from the universe to DNA? Look up and not inward, and certainly not at current events. Look up to the future and rejoice! Look at Genesis 28, and Revelation 21 and rejoice that the ladder is our bridge to Paradise. We all enjoy the gift at Baptism. It is ours to accept or reject.

Yesterday was a lot of fun here in Clear Lake. We boated to The landing and sat outsie and ate fried white fish. It’s very hard not to eat fried…. I peel off all the coating… The fish is white lake fish and it is smooth and sweet. Then it was so sunny that I thought the pool might be warm. I haven’t been swimming on this trip due to my broken toe, but this week I say it is healed so I said….. “Let’s go for it.” I put my bathing suit on and braved the out door pool. The sun shining brightly warmed the pool water and I spent a pleasant 1/2 hour doing water aerobics. Would like to do that every day at 3pm when the sun has had a solid 6 hours to heat the pool. For dinner we went to PM Park (fried chicken… again i peel off the covering) and watched a really wonderful play of volunteer actors who read the script but it’s OK. That’s what I did when I played a character at the Marathon theater. The play was about the second year of 5 “winners” of a karioke contest on a cruise ship. They sang many great old songs (Sonny and Cher’s “I’ve got you Babe” and “Joy to the World” along with Frank Sinatra and a wonderful song that included great harmonica.) I sang along with them and we clapped and hooted! Just fun comedy in a little tiki bar in Clear Lake Iowa. This morning dawned chilly - 59 degrees with light rain. I guess it’s time for autumn up here. We are going north to Lake Superior when we leave Clear Lake… will probably freeze our patoodies off. Chuck took me to church and Kyla is here with us (she had to go to a funeral in Mason City). So we will take her out for lunch someplace fun later. Have a wonderful day! God bless you!

God’s Grandeur

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

I write a lot about God’s Grandeur inspired by a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. On eclipse day a NASA astronaut talked about seeing the eclipse from the space station and he waxed eloquent. I grabbed a pen to try to capture his words describing how the moon comes between the earth and the sun and we are treated to an eclipse. “The dance, the clockwork that goes on between the sun, the moon, the earth…. Power and force we cannot control.” He said more but I didn’t get it all with my paltry pen… He and many other people were overwhelmed!!! God’s Grandeur. God bless you.

Another good day of boating

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Let me catch up: Yesterday on August 22 Tuesday, we were at the Backyard Deli for the Tuesday special of “any burger with choice of side $6.95.” After Chuck ordered the Rajun Cajun and I ordered the Barbeque Bacon burger… I raised my water glass in toast to “another great day!” and Chuck said, “Yesterday wasn’t great with a rain storm on eclipse day.” And I said, “Yes, but we had fun at dinner… Rookies with $1.00 burgers and popcorn.” Then I realized that August 21, eclipse day, was for us like watching everybody else in the US get eclairs and we didn’t…. Chuck was unkind enough to remind me that I chose to go to Clear Lake Iowa. Naughty Chuck.

Today dawned a beautiful albeit chilly day, and we fell into our Wednesday routine of 8:30 Mass in town, the bug man coming, work on the 1500 piece puzzle, and plan the few days of labor day weekend when we will be back on the road (we will go north to the Apostle Islands and take a boat ride). Then it was time to go on the boat to the Landing Bar and Grill to sit outside in the sun. The 2 lake side pubs close for the winter: PM Pub which we will go tonight closes on Labor Day night and the Landing closes October 1. Boom that’s it and the docks are pulled out of the water. School has started most places, and my great neice Abbey is starting her senior year of high school. Her grandma and mom are all teary eyed. !!!! Have a wonderful end of summer. God bless you.

Eclipse Day bust! we tried!

Monday, August 21st, 2017

We packed our picnic and I loaded up our books and a bottle of wine…. And the sky got darker and darker……. and the lightening and thunder started. So we gave up and went back to the condo. And then the rains started! So we watched the eclipse on TV. NASA did great coverage! We will celebrate by going into town and getting burgers! Have a great evening! God bless you!

Eclipse Day!

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Chuck made chicken salad and cut up cheese for our picnic out on the boat! The day isn’t hot and the sky is a little muzzy…. clousy? But I have full faith that we will see something of the eclipse. We should get 89% totality or more!!! I’m going to watch the EWTN Mass on TV (11am central time) and then get out to the dock because Chuck is ready to pack the boat!!!!! Have a wonderful eclipsy day! God bless you.

Next item on the bucket list….

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Seeing the headwaters of the Mississippi was way up there on my wish list! Been there, done that, got the photos! Next, believe it or not, was going to the beautiful little town called Northfield, Minnesota where the Hallmark Christmas movie “Love Always Santa” was filmed… The way I tracked the town down was they were filming the street and there was a VFW post sign! They’re all listed by post # and town they are in. Found it is right below Minneapolis right off I35 that we planned to take to get to Clear Lake. A big part of the film was shot in a cafe called The Bun Also Rises. The female star loved Ernest Hemingway and her cafe had a nook full of Hemingway quotes and (I can’t remember the place) One of the places in his novels she wanted to go……. We ate lunch of beautiful sandwiches there, sitting in the window seat to eat. Just a little bit of fun. Next on my wish list are Mass, both Sunday and daily, at the little church in Clear Lake AND watching the eclipse from the middle of Clear Lake! We arrived at the condo on Clear Lake but Tim and Kyla were off playing so we went to town for a beer at the VFW. Greeted Tim and Kyla at home about 4 and quickly renewed a friendship begun in the No Name Pub in Big Pine Key. They have stayed with us in the Keys and Lake house in Miami and we have stayed with them here at Clear Lake. Today is bright and clear. We did not get rain last night and all is well. God bless you.

Ah the sweet music of love!

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Today dawned dark and rainy but we went to the art museum and Runestone museum and saw an amazing collection of photography from the Minnesota plains and some grand boats and cars… and gardens. Over at the Runestone museum is a rune stone that scientists believe was carved by Vikings in the early 1300s who got here over the great lakes. You could probably boat from top to bottom as we are constantly running into lakes and of course the Misissippi which if the Vikings had stayed might be the Vikingisissippi. I was tired today so took a long rest and nap and went to an early dinner of 1/2 price appetizers at a little pub. MMMMM delicious walleye (a local fish) and steak salad. just hit the spot! Chuck’s treat was calimari and chicken wings. He told me they weren’t hot so I took one and practically spit it out! Brat and liar! He just laughs. Hot! Then we went and took another picture of Ole the giant Viking, this time in the sunshine as Mother Nature got all sweet and warm. Then we went to the concert i bought tickets for yesterday at the bookstore! Oh my how lovely. It is called Festival of the Lakes (Alexandria is surrounded by lakes) and it is the 25th season of a concert series that goes all summer long. We got Bach and a harpsicord “The Wedding Cantata (Song)” and some lyrics from Elizabethan times, some Greek pieces “after Ovid Metamorphosis” and closed with a lovely aria. The soloist was a beautiful and talented woman in a long white dress. Very romantic! Tomorrow we drive to Clear Lake Iowa!!! God bless you.

Rain, rain go away!!!!

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

The rains began yesterday with a giant Low over Des Moines, Iowa headed east. Despiite the rain, we managed to pack the car and get out of Bemidji and head south towards Alexandria, Minnesota. The rain did not stop, but when we arrived in Alexandria, we managed to eat at the Italian restaurant Bello Cucina and at the Firehouse…. (I forgot to mention that in Bemidji, we ate at the Italian restaurant Tutto Bene and the barbeque restaurant named Fuzies) Rain does not stop us! In Bemidji we also did the Art Walk actually a sculpture drive around town to find all the statues that were made and placed for the Art Walks up to now. Some were really cool and hidden in gardens. One was two giant bicycles that actually were a bicycle rack. We found a big moose in a garden with a mural of men in canoes behind it. Beminji is a beautiful little town. We left early Wednesday, just finishing repacking the car before the rains started. A note on traveling great distances in a car: Take one bag that goes into hotels every night. Our problem is we have one bag with “clothes we will wear for a few days” but we also have a pretty big bag full of “ditty bags” shampoo, conditioners, creams, tooth stuff, cosmetics, all the etc stuff we need when we get ready after a shower or before night. On top of that is the computer bag, the 2 pillows, a bag of maps as I’m constantly changing our route, my purse, Chuck’s Bubba coffee cup, …. The reason I carry a bag of maps and the computer into the hotel room is I have to do a reconoitering on a town and find everything fun… for example when I settled on Alexandria Minnesota as the stop over place before we get to Clear Lake, Iowa Friday afternoon I went online to find hotels, resturants, events and “things to do”. Alexandria thinks the Vikings visited so there is a giant Vikings statue, a Vikings museum with a rune stone, an art museum with “Sky photography” and out door cafes on several lakes that surround the town. I’m looking out the window and it looks like it might brighten up by lunch time… otherwise, we’re inside for lunch. Yesterday we went to the Rotary “Corn and pork chop jubilee” at the local fire house. It was great barbeque for charity! I got to look at fire trucks and uniforms (really the children enjoyed it a lot more!!!!). I went to a great book store on main street (called Broadway - actually a 4 land main street) to get concert tickets and proceeded to stay and talk to the lady for 15 minutes. Chuck came in to see if I was OK and he found me chatting about everything Minnesota with a most friendly group of women. I’ve found only friendly happy people in these small towns! Hatred and vitriol is playing out on television… I worry about marches in Boston and San Francisco and more this weekend. Chuck and I have discussed what the Confederate statues and relics do to a town…. Things are not well in the big towns, but here in tiny Minnesota, communities seem to be pulling together. Of course I don’t live here… In the bookstore and on the hotel check in counter in plain view was a poster for a lost girl… the woman at the book store counter suggested that because of the near by interstate, “sex trafficking” is suggested in her disapearance and I thought about the difference between this town and Bemidji which is 1/2 a day away from an interstate. The interstate running by on your south flank might influence the development of your town… What about when the expressways cut you into bits? God bless small town America. Off we go into the rain! God bless you.

Finding one’s origins

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Today we traveled to the headwaters of the Mississippi on a beautiful warm and sunny day. We got lost on the way to Lake Itaska but finally found the state park and walked over several “creeks” to see the big Lake Itaska and a stream that comes out of it becoming first a series of creeks and then it gets bigger and runs all the way down to New Orleans. It was very important to explorers to find these headwaters. So explorers with Indian guides braved huge mosquitoes and swamps and found Lake Itaska. Amen. Been there done that. Up here as the stream meanders and we got lost following it we kept “crossing the Mississippi” maybe 10 times! Today we also explored the Beminji college campus and tomorrow a community of language villages. God bless you!

Bemidgi: First city on the Mississippi

Monday, August 14th, 2017

From a poster in the dining room this morning I’m reminded that the Mighty Mississippi is born in a lake in north western Minnesota, wanders through the city of Bemidji, into Lake Bemidji and out…. on a long south eastward crawl through some of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes towards Minneapolis (dividing Minneapolis and St Paul) to emerge and head south and be what we all know: the Mighty Mississippi!!!

The Army Corps of Engineers has been influential in turning the weakling, shallow and scattered river into an organized channel for carrying logs and grain out of the north down south. There are a series of locks and dams that help big barges float in the correct direction down to the Port of New Orleans. Army Corps also occasionally stops the Missississippi from meandering and eating up towns like Natchez (a few years ago we viewed a whole street and houses wiped out and gone in a big Mississippi meander through Natchez)Today we’ll drive to the headwaters park south of Bemidji and picnic! Yesterday got cold… In the 50s, and it rained. Brrrrrr. I told the priest after Mass, “I’m from Miami and I’m freezing!” (delicate flower!) God bless you!

God’s Grandeur in all colors.

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

My friend Mickey plies his camera as a tool to capture the beauty and Grandeur of sunrises, sunsets, animals, birds, flowers and people on Big Pine Key. Today Mickey sent out a special sunrise photo captioned “ain’t no time to hate.” I answer with God’s Grandeur in all colors. You can find Mickeys work on Facebook under Mickey A. Foster. On this trip up the Mississippi from poverty stricken Mississippi into the land of 10,000 lakes Minnesota the only place I’ve seen anger is on TV news so I’ve limited that… The front page is littered with the white nationalist rally and the death and injury there in Charlottesville, Virginia, and I am astounded as I always am at man vs man… Hey we should be shaking our fists at cancer and heart disease not each other. The sky is cloudy this morning, but I am sure it will be a beautiful day as we drive north west towards Bemidji and Lake Itaska the headwaters of the Mississippi! We had a good time with Navy buddy Mike Utech! His home has many windows and even on this cloudy day, is light and bright. We visited a crowded Mall of America yesterday! Lots of people out playing! God bless you.

A day in Wabasha, Minnesota

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

We pulled into Wabasha yesterday and after exploring the town and finding the Eagle’s Nest (book store and coffee house) and the VFW, we ate at Slippery’s which is one of the sites of Grumpy Old Men. We like to sit outside on the water and Slipperys did not disappoint. One boat pulled up and docked and the owners left a dog who sat quietly and obediently while her owners ate a leisurly lunch. Good dog. Then after a few drinks at the VFW…. nap time and then… a lazy, rainy evening. Today dawned cloudy but not rainy, I watched Mass at 7am on EWTN, and after breakfast, we drove across the river at Winona to Kinstone…. a bluff top farm that a lady named Kristine Beck bought part of her parents’ farm and built, with the help of volunteers, a “teaching/restoring center”… It is down the road from a big quarry and she has set up acres of standing stones that has an area with a circle for campfire sitting, a labyrinth, gardens, corn fields, a chapel, a yurt… etc. At the door of the chapel is a statue of St Francis of Assissi who invites us to praise God for the amazing beauties of earth, sun, moon…. etc. I put a prayer ribbon on a prayer tree for friend Dave who had an accident with Debby his wife. A car ran a red light and crashed into them. Dave hit his head and has to see a neurologist. I think they are OK, but it is always good to pray for our hurt friends’ health. Kinstone was wonderful. We came back off the bluff and went to an Irish pub here in Wabasha…. then back to the room where Chuck and I lazed for 2 hours. Tonight I went to a writers’ talk of 3 Minnesota Crime writers called the Minnesota Crime Wave! They were a lot of fun! I sent Chuck off to the VFW where he watched part of the Vikings football game on TV. We are now back in the room settling in to picnic and watch a Denzel Washington movie on DVD. God bless you!!!!!

A road less travelled…

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Chuck and i just travelled from LaCrosse Wisconsin and “on a hunch” crossed the Mississippi at Nelson and came into Wabasha. Minnesota. We booked “the fisherman’s suite” in an AmericInn for 2 nights and went out for lunch at Slippery’s in the marina. It is the sight of the filming of Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men. Food was amazing (Walleye… a Canadian fish). Oh my gosh amazing. Then we went to the VFW and spoke with a wonderful man who took care of his wife after a stroke but had to put her into a nursing home…. and he is having a 55th Anniversary party for her and bringing her from the Nursing Home to the party. How sweet. We checked into our Fisherman’s suite which is just a room with a lot of fishing decorations and a big fisherman’s chair!!!! Will drink our anniversary champagne and have a picnic later. Let me go back to yesterday….

On August 7 in the late afternoon, we settled into LaCrosse AmericInn and missed the sunset! The next morning, our 47th Wedding Anniversary, we drove into town and went on a Mississippi River cruise, ate popcorn and drank beer. Then went to a wonderful “The Waterfront” restaurant with outdoor tables and had a sweet waitress named Melanie who brought us an Anniversary desert. Drank a bottle of champagne…. then drove back to AmericInn for a nap. Up and out to sunset!!! Got it! Then out to Digger’s Sting named after Paul Newman’s movie, The Sting. Ate Prime Rib and drank wine with Melanie for our bar tender (she told us she worked there at night and the prime rib was good. yep).. Relaxed: OOOOOOOMMMMMMM. This morning I woke up at 6:55 and thought Chuck was up already, so woke him up by accident. Caught EWTN morning Mass at 7am… Beautiful… Got on the road about 920 and landed here in Wabasha over in Minnesota. Oh my gosh. I see champagne peeking from the cooler. Next time you see me I might have veins on my nose and an extra roll on my belly. God bless you.

Pre Anniversary Celebration and a day off

Monday, August 7th, 2017

We have been “on the road” every night since last sunday, 8 days! All has been an adventure and a learning experience about America. We saw many big industrial warehouses and plants all using the Mississippi River and the Rail road tracks that ply her banks as the roadway to get goods out of middle America and down to New Orleans. In the very old days, farmers used to build barges and float their goods down to New Orleans, sell the barges and goods, and walk back home; hence the Natchez Trace which is the walking path back to Ohio and farther north. Last night we stayed in a lovely town called Quincy. Found the American Legion and met some wonderful people and listened to country tunes and a beautiful rendition of God Bless America when every one took their hats off and covered their hearts. I fully expected this morning to stop half way to LaCrosse, but we just “never felt the vibe.” Several towns I had great literature on, we were through, never saw the river, and out the other side…. Many of the towns are falling in population; they have 100 to 400 people… no hotels… so we decided to head for Prairie du Chien that I had some good info on. Went on “the river road” and never saw the river. I think what happens is, the Mississippi meanders for one thing, and she floods and river fronts change… and roads get renumbered!!!… so things in literature, don’t exist any more. We sailed through Prairie du Chien… Then we decided to just come on into La Crosse that has a big river front and parks and a boat ride. But along the way, I yelled, “Stop! we gotta see this!”… It was in a little town called Dickeyville, Wisconsin… The Holy Ghost Garden and Grotto. A giant hand-built grotto with all kinds of statues and tributes to both saints and American heroes including the Patriots who made the nation (Liberty), to Lincoln who brought union… and then… the parish church was open so I thanked God in person, and we went down into the church basement to buy stuff at their yard sale!!!!! Amazing! We now have filled the car. As we drove north I realized the landscape has changed. The flat delta of Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri has become “bluffs” and “mounds! There are even signs for snow skiing!!!!! River is wide and towns don’t need levis as they have Bluffs. We got to LaCrosse, but again, the river front is mostly warehouses and the trains… and Chuck was about to drive on through and I, consulting my tourist map from which I selected our Anniversary town, I said: “No!” there are hotels coming and indeed, we found an AmericInn (We stayed in one of these a few years ago and I feel vaguely unAmerican as they don’t really spell out America…) anyhow we took this room for 2 nights and it is RIGHT ON the river!!!! Tonight we will go out and sip wine and watch the sunset to the west over the river!!! from our hotel “back yard”. It is an old Best Western and we got a great room for $80 a night (AARP discount). So the motto is, never give up. We called Mike Utech, old Navy buddy and we will head for his house outside St Paul Minneapolis, but first we have a few nights here in LaCrosse and crawling up the Great River Road to St Paul. God bless us! God bless America!

Mississippi River found!

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

After a beautiful Sunday Mass at St Genevieve church in downtown St Genevieve (church is from 1840s… all white and gold, with statues and stained glass. very French with many tombs all in French…. This is the center of the Louisiana purchase… These guys were all French and this was their colony!!!! Until we bought it!) We drove north waving goodbye to our lovely Inn and the little carriage house that we shared with many annivarsary celebrators before us…. and headed north. Crossed “the River” at Hannibal (been there, done that about 2 years ago) and drove into Quincy. The welcome center is a castle a guy built for himself (you guessed it, in the 1840s) facing the Mississippi! Friends of the Castle man the welcome center 7 days a week. We found our hotel with ease a block from the river and have settled in for showers and a brisk clean up. We will go to the American Legion where they are having a Country and Western dance and then go to an Italian restaurant on Maine street (streets are all named after states) if the restaurant is open (it being Sunday and all it might be closed). It wouldn’t hurt to miss a meal as we’ve been eating every meal that happens and well, I feel a little full. Sip some wine and think of us and we will think of you. God bless you!

Planning… psssssht who needs that?

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

We left Clarksdale this morning on route 61 “the River Road” ane never saw the river, and then it became I55 and again, where is the river? So Chuck began to grumble about the river road and i finally got us to Cape Geradeau which I intended… but the river is hemmed in or out as the case might be by a mighty levy and you can’t see it…. And B&Bs only have street parking, and hotels are 5 miles away… We drove about town but the Welcome Center was closed…. and I went to a lovely OLD church called Old St Vincent and got a tour and took us up to the “Overlook” and the Big Muddy was, well, muddy, and Chuck said, “let’s move on….” and so we did. It was early, but another hour on the river road north and we hadn’t seen the river yet so i said, “St Genevive and that’s it!!!!!” So we found St Genevive and found the welcome center and Chuck found a brochure on a B&B and got us room in the Carriage House… We’ve had a tour of downtown and seen the river…. a way out a dirt road, down at the ferry place “blink your lights and we’ll come get you”… Then the B&B had wine and crackers (and everyone there laughed at us wanting to see the river!) and now we are prepared to go to dinner after a great bath in the big tub…. I handed all the maps to Chuck and said “Here…. I want to be in LaCrosse for our Anniverary (47 years August 8) , he routed it, and we are now on our way out to dinner!!! Tomorrow we will be overfed breakfast, I will go to Mass in a beautiful church and …. off we go. I have Chuck’s notes to yell, “turn right, turn left.” God bless you!!!!! Love, the traveling show of Chuck and Sue

“Cruising thru the Delta” headed towards the Mississippi

Friday, August 4th, 2017

Not really cruising… But driving on country road to Tupulo and then Clarksdale Mississippi with Memphis in our sights for tomorrow. Yesterday we arrived in Elvis home. Went to his tiny homestead and chapel then to our room for an early barbeque dinner and movies. I had my foot up and resting most of the day and it felt good today. Arrived in Clarksdale early and had lunch at Morgan Freeman’s Juke Joint called Ground Zero Blues Club; chicken wings and fried green tomatoes at the bar. Tonight we will return for pulled pork that is cooking right now in a big iron smoker on the front porch! Live Blues at 8pm. God bless you.

Aunt Susie babysitting - uh oh!

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Julia needed to take Charles upstairs to potty and change clothes for the day and Aunt Susie and little Henry were out on the porch watching birdies and trees flap in the breeze… All was well and Henry was walking around the porch looking at “stuff” and I heard…… “wooomp!” and then yelling! “What ?” asked Aunt Susie. Henry is “at that height” as a new toddler-walker that he banged into the table top. Lately I’ve been “at that age” where I bump into table tops, yell ouch! and causing Chuck to ask, “How did you get that bruise on your thigh? Oh brother, the stages of life are indeed visible. I scooped little Henry up and patted his back and said, “you’re OK…” repeatedly… Walked around a little and indeed… He’s OK. He’s teething too which makes his mood a little fragile. Mom Julia, Uncle Chuck, Henry and Charles just took off to do some errands and I’m sitting with my feet up on the sofa, writing to you and just day dreaming! Georgia always reminds me of North Carolina with trees and woods and cool days (it’s only 76 degrees on the porch and a little misty in the sky). Tomorrow we head for Tupulo, Mississippi to visit Elvis’ birthplace and the small church where Elvis learned to sing his spiritual songs. Heavy rains have hit Florida, but we are having lovely weather. Take care all of you! God bless you.

Visiting in Atlanta area

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

I’m going to try to attach a photo of Kathy Paparelli, Chuck and the latest Paparelli grandchild Scotty! If it doesn’t attach, suffice it to say… Beautiful baby, beautiful friend, beautiful husband. God bless us!