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Road trip!!! visiting with family

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Well! Chuck and I arrived at Julia Paparelli’s beautiful home in Roswell Georgia and we are actively playing with young Charles and little Henry while we drink wine and make dinner. Mix in the 6 year old sweet dog named Tara who eats up all the food that drops in the floor! Tonight after dinner we will watch a movie in Julia’s video room. Zach will be home tomorrow and Chuck can do man things with Charlie while we girls visit Lisa who just had a baby named “Scotty”! This morning we left Summerfield near the Villages after visiting George (whom I’ve known since I was 13)… And Tina, Mom of Kelly and caregiver at various times for Jennie and Erika. God bless you all Paparellis, George and Tina our family!!!!