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simple and small

Monday, February 29th, 2016

I’m not getting my inspiration from the news! So you have to hear where I do get my inspiration! Todays readings in church were from 2 Kings 5 and Luke 4: about the prophet Elisha who cured a Syrian and Jesus who couldn’t cure in his own home town…. If the people don’t believe - well there isn’t going to be many miracles… Meanwhile… The Syrian leper who went to Elisha the prophet thought it was darn rude of Elisha not to come out and give a big party and accept the gifts he brought to the prophet… Elisha only sent word: “Go wash in the Jordan 7 times”. “That’s all? you won’t even give me a big greeting - you just tell me to step in and out of that dirty mud-filled river 7 times? I want more!” The leper’s expectations were high and he was full of himself. Sometimes we think we know best! And it isn’t the way the prophet is telling me…He’s just a regular ordinary prophet. Where is the guy in charge? I am so smart. So the Leper’s servants tell him… “you would do it if he told you something extraordinary! If it were big and loud… If there were some ceremony. So go do it. Test the prophet.” What if I pretend I believe? So he went out to the Jordan and washed 7 times and lo he was clean of the leprosy! There isn’t going to be fire and smoke! There isn’t going to be big ceremony. Miracles can’t be done for the big, loud and proud… Just listen and move when that still small voice whispers. Put out your hand and take the dew drop and the small bit of light. Blaise Pascal said if we “act” we just might get to our death and find out the whole salvation by Jesus message was real. If we don’t act, and the message is real, we lose. Choose life! God bless you.

I’ll take mine plain

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

How many times do we ask for “all the way,” “the works,” the most, the best? Do we then flaunt, make happy noises, grunts of enjoyment, patting our over stuffed tummies, and smile as we drive around in pretty boats and cars, and finally fall into our freshly made beds of soft linens and sweet smelling blankets (mmmmmmm)? This week in daily Mass we have been reading about the Pharisees who get rich things and lord their power over their “subjects.” They get the best seats at table and the best seats in church. Everyone greets them! … and today, the reading was about the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19). The message was getting what is good and comfortable now; but not in the next lifetime. The rich man who ignored the beggar at his door, got fire in “the next lifetime”, and Lazarus, the poor man, got comforted in the bosom of Abraham. Hugs and cool water. (Luke 16:19) We get what we deserve. … I know we are all doing the best we can, but I wonder if I really am? We are offered a choice… Life or death in the next world: “stand in a lava waste, a salt and empty earth…” or be “like a tree planted beside the waters that stretches out its roots to the stream.” We are rewarded according to our ways. I would like to be the tree by the waters! (see the Prophet Jeremiah 17: 5-10). Well dears. Be healthy and pray because sometimes, prayer is all we have. God bless you

Not playing winter any more!

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

For about a week we “bundled up” to walk outside. Long sleeved tee shirt, for me another jacket on top of that, extra (dry) shirt to change into when leaving the gym to walk home. Chuck and I have both been working out, him for the month of February and me January and February. It’s the first time I ever worked with weights! and I can see improvement in strength and stamina! We’re talking girlie weights… I do exercises with 5 and 8 pound dumb bells and I lifted a 20 pound bar bell today!!! Today… I didn’t need the jacket to walk home. I guess winter is over. It wasn’t a good winter for tomatoes; very wet; rained a lot so leaves on all herbs and tomatoes look like they’ve been severely beaten. I think tomato crop is 4 and not counting any more. The big iguana has been leaving my 2 hibiscus bushes outside the art room alone so we have some spectacular blooms there We are working on the beaches, clearing all grass off in preparation for building up the sea wall and then pouring sand in for little kids who come to play. Big kids might enjoy sitting by the sandy beach and sipping a cocktail while little kids play! I have gotten involved at St Timothy and St Augustine and have meetings at least once a week in the evenings. I also volunteered to read at 7am Mass on Sunday and 6pm Mass on Wednesday evenings so I’m kept busy and out of the house. We watch the weather and politics and can’t figure out which is worse… Hope all family and friends continue healthy and staying warm. Me? I’m glistening in the South Florida heat! God bless you.

Playing winter

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

No we’re not! It’s in the single digits for a great deal of the north and Chuck and I are chilly here in Miami. It was 53 degrees this morning but warmed up nicely to be able to take a boat ride at sunset. I’ve been praying a lot lately for Syria and the refugees especially in Aleppo. Can you imagine our home towns reduced to rubble? How awful. God bless the people. I have also been watching the candidates in the snow… All bundled up and arguing. I guess there isn’t much of a chance issues will be discussed instead of innuendos; and what about anyone discussing the issues and ideas? I am a little concerned about anything getting done and so I just pray a lot. Our morning Mass priest gave a very short homily this morning: “Scripture tells us how to walk in God’s way and what the truth is. Just do it.” I had to look back at what we just read: From Isaiah 58: 9-14: If I may paraphrase: Do not oppress, do not falsely accuse, no malicious speech. “Bestow bread on the hungry, satisfy the afflicted… Then light shall rise for you in the darkness and the gloom shall become for you like midday; Then the Lord will guide you always and give you plenty….you shall be like a watered garden.” So if you are feeling dry and angry, gloomy and broken, … then try saying nice things even when you feel evil and angry. Be silent and know that God is present; sometimes we are yelling so loud and moving so fast we can’t sense his presence. God bless you. Happy Valentines day!

Rethinking “old”

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

A few days ago, as the Super Bowl began, as I prepared to watch the Denver Broncos play against the Carolina Panthers, I wrote about the Payton Manning vs Cam Newton quarterback challenge as the old guy vs the young guy. A 39 year old quarterback doesn’t have the agility, flexibility, or healing power that a 26 year old quarterback has. As we age, we lose the ability to jump high and land hard without breaking a hip! Great orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists can help us cover the great distance to health after an injury, but… I was worried about the match up. As it turns out… defense won the game and the quarterbacks were not great scorers on either side.

Half way through the game I realized I had used the word “old” for Manning and what I should have said was “experience and maturity.” In muscle power and flexibility, the young guy wins, but in wisdom and maturity it’s hands down “the old guy.” I realized that while looking at Cam Newton who lost his bravado and pride in the middle of the game. He didn’t have the maturity to “get over it.” He didn’t know how to fight to come back that we get as we age. He couldn’t ignore the mistakes that “first timers” make and he couldn’t get over the missed and dropped passes. It wasn’t his angst that passed along into his team so the penalties started mounting up, or was it? What’s with us these days? Bravado, a big mouth, taunting, name calling has become the norm. I listened to Donald Trump yesterday, and I thought the mothers of America must be shivering in their shoes, years of teaching against name calling and taunting lost in a single speech by a political candidate. No, Donald, it isn’t OK. Grow up! Talk to the issues. And it isn’t only Donald, folks, we all need to look to our tempers and our tongues. God bless us.

Instead of Politics

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

I have been paying a lot of attention to politics, debates, town halls, interviews, and now, today I have settled in to watch the last football game until September. I’m for the “old guy” who could be my son! The other QB, Cam, could be a grand son! Good grief on getting old and thinking 39 year old Payton Manning is old!!! I don’t want anyone hurt. I want a good game and … we even ordered pizza delivery from Papa John’s. We’re suckers for commercials and are looking forward to 3 hours of bliss and good football. God bless the players and all of us.