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Autumn colors in Boston

Friday, October 30th, 2015

I volunteered to help friend Karen Skipp go through the estate of her husband Peter’s aunt. What we woman won’t do for our husbands. We flew to Boston and had 2 beautiful, sunny but chilly days and 2 rainy days. I’m traveling homeward on a beautiful day. All the dear departed’s (hereinafter known as dd) stuff had been moved to a lawyer’s storeroom. She died without a will and all her stuff was packed and stored in this concrete block room with one light. Ooooo dreary and chilly. Yesterday, while sitting waiting for our paralegal contact, I determined that the space used to be a big concrete block garage. The space is now used for cold storage. We have been working on culling through all the stuff to dermine value and packed the van for 4 trips to salvation army. Finding the salvation army was hysterical! We had addresses plugged into Karen’s GPS but landed in places definitely NOT Salvation Army. Drove all around Harvard, Vassar, MIT, Tufts and near downtown Boston. Finally found Salvation Army and made them rich. Karen found some treasures and I have 2 Blessed Mother statues that I couldn’t leave behind. They are old and unusual. We also visited the dd’s husband at cemetery, but she is not to be buried there and Karen is carrying her ashes home for burial near her sister (Peter’s mom) in Biscayne. Bay. I’m on a bus headed for Logan airport hoping for a smooth flight like we had from Miami. Chuck will pick me up in Miami and we will go home to decorate for Halloween and to ruin more children’s teeth with candy! God bless you.