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Directions and wine

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Well it’s down to the priorities now. How do we get there and where can we buy wine? It is going to be an adventure in itself if the rental car has GPS as Chuck will want to use it, the girl in the box will have an English accent, and I’ll want to use my old fashioned maps. I generally turn on the GPS if we get lost. We have gotten lost several times in Georgia and Tennessee, but that was because the roads weren’t on the GPS. I am armed with maps and ready to go. It’s my job to tell Chuck which way to go at the roundabouts which sometimes we take several times, going round and round, trying to find our way!!! We must just LOOK like Americans as we careen around those circles! Meanwhile, we will be shopping in English grocery stores which I love to do. We always stop by the aluminum foil which the English spell with an extra syllable as in aluminium (AL U Min I UM) True. Chuck and I laughed out loud at that one and were practically tossed out of a grocery store in Bude for pointing and laughing. I guess Americans laughing at Brits isn’t acceptable. Oh boy are we ready. Today is a very big day in trip preparation: We will drive to Big Pine Key to pick up the last mail (hope Chuck’s new debit card is in there and the last bank statements that I will reconcile for 6 months… …), we’ll get a bunch of cash for tips, eat one last No Name Pub pizza… and then home to Miami for the celebration of the closing of the suitcases and application of the luggage tags. We are loaded with presents, books, and maps that hopefully we will dispense of and be lighter by the time we get to Southhampton on July 2. I’m looking out over the lake and it is a rainy day in Miami. Thank heaven for the rain as my yard is a crusty, hard scrabble mess of weeds and rocky dirt. In October we will try to put in a pump to get water from the lake and begin to water our lawn. We used to have a pump but filled it with cement during one of our many house projects. But that is an old story! Happy Spring and look out England!!! Susie and Chuck are coming. God bless us all.

Packing half our stuff for The Grand Adventure

Friday, April 24th, 2015

My dears! Has it been since February that I wrote? What a fierce snowy blowy winter for many of you! I wrote individually to people who were buried under snow drifts. We are now in the midst of sweaty summer here in Miami (and it is only April) and Chuck and I are preparing for The Grand Adventure. Based on having some credits for 2 RCCL cruises, we ordered a veritable bunch of cruises (3) and land jaunts that keep us on the high seas (Atlantic, North, and Baltic) or on the roads of England and America until late September. We will not be accessible for pontoon boat rides or dinner parties, but we will be answering emails and blogging. So please tune in occasionally to find out “Where are Sue and Chuck? With How Many Suitcases??? Again?????” God bless you!