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Winter blues

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

I wonder sometimes why there are winter blues… and watching the weather channel I see the big snows are colored blue… brrrrr. It’s even chilly on Big Pine Key. I’ll try to blog as we go through the move to Miami and then the great packing experience… Have to pack for a month and 1/2 on cruise ships, a month in England, and then definitely we will take the Amtrak train from Penn Station back to Tampa to pick up our car from most kind cousins Dennis and Laura… and then head north again to visit visit visit until submarine convention in Pittsburgh (Labor Day) where I hope to see Mccarthy cousins and visit McCarthy and DeNino cemetaries. October is still the date planned to start to unpack all the stuff we have literally stuffed in the Miami Lake house… Suffice it to say, we have practically emptied the big house (Loretta’s) into Miami. We seem to be throwing nothing away. About two years ago when Aunt Trudy died, we emptied her house and rented it… We took a lot of Trudy’s things into the Keys and Lake houses and now… we are doing the same thing with stuff from the big Keys house… So I’m not joking when I count a total of 17 spatulas, 3 kitchen’s worth of cooking pots, corning ware, 4 sets of dinner ware, hundreds of cooking knives… amazing volumes and varieties of sheets, dish towels, pillow cases, etc etc etc. And furniture!!! Can’t get rid of some of the antiques so literally have stacked Miami sometimes 3 deep… We will be driving up to Miami tomorrow with a van load and then the movers come to the Keys March 9. The Keys house will be empty of Peabody stuff and a renter will move in. She is lovely, a nurse from the Lower Keys Medical Center. We got a good rental rate and hope to pay taxes and insurance and make a little bit. We still have our friend Sparky watching over things. In a few years (hope the housing market heals a little more) sell the big house and keep Trudy’s house (which also has a renter) for a while until…. who knows the future? The sun is shining and I wish my dear northern family and friends a warm spring! Love and God bless you!