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Why did the chickens cross the road?

Friday, June 20th, 2014

I leave the house here on Big Pine Key at about 20 to 8 AM to make it the few short miles to 8AM daily Mass and, well, honestly I could leave the house earlier for the trip, as one never knows what obstacles will be on the road. Travelling at 20 miles an hour… A big doe walked out, glanced at my windshield and then sauntered forward. “OK,” I said to her, “go ahead…” But, wait one, here comes a fawn! The little one, all covered with spots, stopped in front of me, looked, and decided to go back to the nest. But wait, Mom has already crossed the street. Stand a moment in the middle of the street to think… “Return to the nest, or head forward into the unknown where Mom is?” Better go to Mom. After several 380 degree turns, the little one finally made it off the pavement and I was on my way again. “Bye sweetie,” I waved! Woops … a few hundred feet further, it’s another Mom. and indeed here comes another fawn. “Yep, it’s OK, take your time sweetie.” I wave my fingers. But don’t lose focus… I actually made it past the turtle crossing , oooohhhhed and ahhhhhed at a passing cardinal, and past the Moose before, yep, you guessed it, another Mama. But this Mama is the feathery kind with about 30 tiny chicks. So… what are they doing in the street? Why silly you! They are crossing the street to get to the Winn Dixie parking lot. Even I have opened a box of crackers for the chickens.

I went on to church and to the bank, and why not stop at the Winn Dixie too? Leaving the parking lot with the windows open, hair blowing, feeling the wonderful island heat, I was banging along to 60s music, and woah! I was actually doing 40 miles per hour! Island life takes place at 25 miles per hour… The summer heat is warm and humid on our faces, our flip flops break, and air conditioning in the Winn Dixie feels “too cold.” come for a visit, but beware the birds, deer, and turtles!

Renee update! all is well

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Our friend Renee is all right. She is on a well deserved health and wellness vacation in Myrtle Beach and promises to rest, relax, eat well, and garden until all follow-up doctor visits are done! We are relieved that our friend is OK!

It has become “normal Miami weather” with sunny mornings, angry sky stormy noons, and hot sunshine in the late afternoon. We have taken the pontoon boat out every evening and enjoyed all the waterways off the 2 Westwood Lakes. I will leave for Big Pine Key tomorrow (Wednesday) to return the books on CD we enjoyed on the trip, to pick up the mail the post office has been holding, and to see when rehab starts. I was supposed to start rehab about 5 weeks ago for “old knees” but I said, “Hey I have to go party, can it wait?” Chuck will follow after he pulls the boat out and secures her for 6 weeks until we return.

We have many many baby ducks on the lake this year and something odd is happening. Swarms of as many as 30 ducklings (from newborns to teenagers) are being escorted across the lawns or through the waters of the lake by as many as 4 to 5 Mamas… It’s odd; I don’t remember the armies of protective Mamas. Usually one Mama goes first and a few guard the flanks with one Mama bringing up the rear keeping the stragglers in line. This is good as sometimes in the past we would find a baby duckling peeping in the yard… lost… or large birds or other creatures grab the stragglers. (gulp). These Mamas are quite smart about protecting the youngins. So it is a good time to thank our Mamas for protecting the chickens. Turn to your Mom whether she’s near or in heaven, and give her a rousing “Thanks Mom for shepherding me through baby hood and staying with me through teen ager hood!” God bless us.

Prayers for Renee

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Hi dear friends. Our Renee is OK, but what a mystery. She does not remember leaving her house on Thursday and left the garage door open…. OH my goodness she drove across Orlando to “Celebration” down near Kissimmee and then passed out and lay for 2 days in near coma and could not be awakened… She is OK now but doctors don’t have explanation. No stroke, thank God, and she reached for her cell phone to text about work when she woke up. Her boss took her cell phone away. We visited Renee in the hospital and promised when her family leaves in a few weeks we will visit again. Thank God for a full recovery. Miami is hot, steamy and buggy. We sat outside last evening but bugs and heat drove us inside. Now I am fighting the dust bunny wars and will do all the usual “getting home things” Like unpacking, checking the bank accounts, washing clothes etc etc. Pontoon boat into the water tonight if rain stops. Love and kisses.

Homeward bound

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

This has been the shortest long vacation we’ve ever taken! We left Al and Shannon this morning and drove via Milton Florida to Tallahassee where we just ate a wonderful Italian meal at Buca di Peppo. Yum! Veal Saltimboca and a wonderful Mozzarella Caprese. Like we haven’t been eating well for three weeks… diet tomorrow. We spoke to Renee our dear friend from Orlando who lived with us for 9 years… she is in the hospital. We will visit her tomorrow … God bless our dear friends and family and please say a little prayer for Renee. Love Sue and Chuck

more painting with kids

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

What fun it is to watch kids paint. We’re visiting with Al and Shannon in the mountains of Tennessee and I’ve painted with two 5 year olds…Yoel and a little guy named Zac. The boys painted a giant yellow duck, a gray whale with a big red tummy and brown skin… never mind how Zac described what he painted! Shannon and I were making faces over Zac’s description of what the whale ate that made his tummy red etc etc. Meanwhile Yoel is crazy about police and firemen so he painted a very furry looking police guy with red ears. I love their freedom! I painted gardens because the flowers are in bloom. Mostly lilies and blooming trees. Chuck had a bad cold that I think was aggravated by allergies and it seems to have quieted down. Knock on wood, I haven’t got the allergy attacks I usually get in spring time, but Atlanta awaits… We drive around on beautiful mountain roads and enjoy the “hollows”. On Saturday morning we’ll head south towards Atlanta and see Julia’s new baby. Love and kisses as we celebrate a beautiful and warm spring.

Painting with kids

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Our little cousin Jennie, Carol’s daughter, brought her two kids over after Carol and I went to the Columbus Zoo. One kid wanted to go into the hot tub and the other wanted to watch TV… So we adults just talked and watched the kids. Then I hauled out my paint bag and started coloring a sketch I made of Carol’s back yard. Sure enough… here comes the kids! We all played in the palette I was using and then the kids wanted the primary colors, red, yellow and blue. I got two amazing paintings from them that I’ll cut and put on cards for their Mom in October. Believe it or not, I got more paint on me than they did which was none…. How is that? Carol and I have been going to Bible studies at her church and tonight Chuck is taking us out to dinner at an Italian restaurant!!! Yum. And then tomorrow morning we’ll be on the road again for Tennessee. It’s been raining at night and beautiful during the day. All is well. Off to study Malachi. Love Susie