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Still sleeping and waiting

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

My dear Mom has been pretty much sleeping since I left Lagrange November 1. I have been praying for angels to take care of my Mom and my sister who cares for her, and all my family, and I believe we are taken care of. I ask for prayers for myself often too… I think I’ve finally succumbed to the ravages of “worrying for others” and had an occular migraine after some dental work. If you ever get light flashes or a geometric light show in your eye you MUST pay attention to it! My light show only lasted for about 4-5 minutes and it ended as I was on the phone to my favorite Emmaus sister eye doctor, Saba (she shares my grandmother’s name). Saba saw a thickening artery in the eye and recommended I see a cardiologist (arteries don’t thicken unless there is a reason - so I’ll have my carotid poked and prodded in the next 2 weeks)… and so I have begun the round of preventative visits and will probably (hopefully) get a clean bill of health, but will probably be taking cholesterol meds before the end of the year… I’ve been ignoring “stress related” chest pains and a climbing cholesterol number for several years. I think old time he caught up with me!!! So my dears if you have been ignoring “symptoms” get them checked out. Winter, when things quiet down, is a good time to make the visits and give a little blood to the Quest Diagnostics people. I wish you hope and health!!! God bless you.

Home at the end of a long trip!

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

I visited with my Mom, sister Donna and Brother in law Lee for a good visit, and finally, I had to go home. I kissed Mom goodbye and told her I love her, “love you too” sleepy Mom answered. “Pray for me” I asked. Mom prays a lot!!! Chuck picked me up on Friday, November 1, and we drove straight through to Miami. It’s a long haul… For Chuck it was a 12 hour drive (he had to drive over to LaGrange to pick me up.) But once the van was headed south, we both felt the urge to “get home.” Or was it me tugging the van south? Whatever. We arrived safe in Miami at the lake house and have unloaded the van, done all the laundry (I think - unless a bag of dirties shows up), gone grocery shopping, and gone to Home Depot for fertilizer and weed killer, and generally I am putting things away indoors, and Chuck is putting things away in sheds and hunting gear into the storage that only he can manage. The weather is not autumn. Today was a record hot day at 89 degrees. I felt it, having been in autumn since we left Canada (2 months ago?). We’re back on our Miami schedule including watching UM football (2 undefeated teams, UM v Fla State are playing tonight) and in just one half (I’m writing during half time) in just one half, one team will go home with a defeat. God bless us all.