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Party’s not over yet…

Monday, April 4th, 2011

It was wonderful seeing Mom who is very engaged and happy. We read a book called Dilemma by Father Albert Cutie (accent over the e) that sparked a lot of discussion…  together. Have you ever read a book with someone…?  Mom headed home today with my sister and brother-in-law, mom’s care givers, but we await my niece Erin who is coming from St Petersburg. Jenny (my niece) and I will cook dinner for Erin and sister Sarah. Jenny and I are black and white, yin and yang. Opposites. She’s a good girl who doesn’t get riled when I move quickly or act bossy…. We took her car to be fixed and I found her upstairs and I said, “come ON Jen, let’s get going”… “I’m going to see a boy, I have to put on makeup” was the reply. “Oh, I guess I better get out of my rags then,” I thought as I changed out of paint spattered tee and paint spattered shorts. How is it everything I own has paint on it?  Jenny and I painted a big painting for over her daughter’s couch. We painted fishes on the bottom of the ocean with lots of bubbles. I think it was rather nice.   And our interaction was hysterical!!!  Little grand niece Lilly and sister Sarah joined in so I hope the owner of the gift (Erika) loves it!  We’re off to the beach (Sarah lives 6 blocks from the Atlantic!) Love to all and please pray for travellers tomorrow (Wednesday) Love susie

Amazing Grace

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Dear friends and family. Today is my mother’s birthday and I am with her in Jacksonville. My sister and brother-in-law (Mom’s full time care givers) drove mom to sister Sarah’s last evening and we had a big reunion here in Jax. Then mom and I slept a long beautiful sleep in Sarah’s big bed upstairs. Mom is still sleeping (which is why she can stay up late at night…). Today we plan a celebration with lots of Sarah’s kids and grandkids and of course, us, the 3 sisters. I am so blessed and can only offer thanks to our God for giving me this beautiful day.  I spoke to Chuck yesterday when I arrived safely in Jax (he is “all alone” at the lakehouse this weekend…) he had taken a nap and was preparing to go to Physical Therapy.  It is time for him to be in the nest alone and to leave the nest on his own, but he does have 3 neighbors watching out for him!  If he knew the mothering I order up for him he would freak! I have let him out of the nest alone and you have shared my angst in this blog in the past, but always there are beautiful loving “mothers” nearby.  Thank God for healthy husband and good friends. Happy birthday and love to you all. Susie