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Politics and such for America

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

I never write about politics, but now seems to be high time. First, everyone within sound of my voice must vote. You must select a side and vote for the person who best upholds what you desire. No one is perfect, but this democracy cannot work if we let a small cadre of (rich? elite? old guys?) you define them, if we let a small group of contentious people rule our country. Vote with a focus on repairing the infrastructure of the United States. We all have witnessed the crashing bridges, flooding cities, high crime rate, poor education, high prescription prices, and other negative changes in our lifetime. We see our country involved in the expensive war in Iraq, and we ask, “Why are we fighting in Iraq?” and we can’t answer that. Before we continue to focus on the world, we must heal our country. You’ve heard that a caregiver can’t take care of anyone until she takes care of herself. Well, if our bridges fail, and our cities drown in crime, and our railroads can’t function, then what good can we be to anybody? The plight of our neighbors (Haiti and Cuba for example) is very bad, and we are trying to help starving people everywhere, but if we don’t focus on our own country, we will fail and end up unable to help anyone. Get strong at home first, then go out and help others. Please speak up and vote this year. This is a republic (government by the people). Your vote counts. God bless America.