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Two lost souls

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Two lost souls crying for a friend. I can’t help them though for one is a red-winged black bird who lost her mate (my neighbor’s dog ate him). A single mom, she is trying to teach her lone baby to fly on her own. Tonight I heard her calling, but there was no reply. The other lost soul is a lone mallard in a lake full of Southern “junk ducks.” This mallard must have been flying south for the winter and he landed for a brief time on Westwood Lake where he knows no one. He’s just not of the breed that lives here. He’s faster, lighter, and he quacks. Our regulars just mumble as if they’ve forgotten what ducks are supposed to do, fed so long with bread and crackers by the lake side mothers and children. The sun sets, and I too sit alone on the lake. But I know where my family is and I know that they are safe tonight. Whisper a prayer for the lone souls out there who don’t know where their family is. God bless them.