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I finally saw the manatees!

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006


We have at least two manatees who frequent our lake and the neighbors tell stories of spotting the manatees. One friend says she was lounging in the back of a boat lazily dangling a fishing line in the water and watching her husband cast his line when when she “felt” the presence of a third person at her back. “Blffffft” it made a noise and got her all wet! She leaped to the front of the boat and saw a mountain of flesh rolling behind the boat. I, meanwhile, had never seen the mountain of flesh that people describe rolling around in our waters. I didn’t doubt the presence of manatees, I just never saw them until one day I was sitting outside meditating on ducks and fish and clouds and I heard the neighbors yelling and laughing and I heard a big splash. “Manatees!” I shouted and sat up to take notice. Nothing…. I watched circles of water and eddies for about fifteen minutes and finally there it was, a black spot emerged from the water and a giant stream of water accompanied by a loud “Blfffffft” noise and I knew a manatee had blown me a kiss! I alerted the neighbors on the other side to come out and watch. We all hung on the fence and watched rolling masses that looked like swimming elephants. The neighbors were entertaining a small boy (he does not call it “babysitting” as he’s too grown up for that) and he kept saying, “where? I can’t see them! oh I missed them!” Finally as the manatees swam away to another part of the lake, I assured Tommy as others have assured me, “They’ll be back and you will see them one day. I promise.”

How could I make this promise that Tommy will one day see the manatees? Jesus often talked about curing the blind and he said some harsh words to the Pharisees and Saducees (the ruling class of Jewish priests) about being blind when really they should have been able to see him for what he is. Jesus said, “Woe to those who can see, but don’t see, and those who are blind will see.” Sometimes I wonder what Jesus meant by saying those who cannot see will see and those who can see are blind. The Jewish priests whom Jesus accused of being blind didn’t want to see what Jesus is, the Messiah, the Savior, the Son of God. The one who will die for us to redeem us from sin and death. And then come back to life as he promised. Their whole religious structure would be ruined with Jesus’ new teaching and his promise of eternal life. Many of their rules and regulations would be smashed by Jesus’ only rule, “believe in me and love one another.” The Jewish priests controlled the Jewish people with many rules and regulations. There were more restrictions on the faithful than there were loving promises despite the loving promises God made in the Old Testament. Jesus and God the Father both said, “I want mercy and love, not sacrifice.” The Pharisees and Saducees knew the Temple would lose a lot of money if there were no sacrificial offerings! Jesus promised us if we would try to see him and believe in him, one day we will see. Think of this “seeing” as “understanding.” If at this time we don’t understand a lot about Jesus and his miracles, teachings, and healings, just keep praying for “sight.” Suddenly one day, you will be sitting quietly, praying, looking at ducks and fish and clouds and Jesus will blow you a kiss and you will feel it on your cheek. Know that he is with you always, for that is what he promised, “I will be with you always until the end of time.” And know that one day you will see him. He promised.